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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE11-SP3xfs: prevent deadlock trying to cover an active logJan Kara3 days
SLE11-SP4net/tg3: Release IRQs on permanent error (bsc#90458 FATE#317507Cho, Yu-Chen45 hours
SLE12audit: do not reject all AUDIT_INODE filter types (bnc#927455).Tony Jones6 hours
SLE12-SP1Completing libceph patch to allow building cephfs (bsc#928500)Lee Duncan11 hours
linux-nextAutomatically updated to 4.1-rc2-next-20150506Kernel Build Daemon17 hours
masterconfig: Reenable armv7hl for 4.1Matwey V. Kornilov19 hours
openSUSE-13.1Update kabi files with new netfilter kabi (bsc#927780, CVE-2014-9715)Michal Marek2 days
openSUSE-13.2config: disable XGBE on non-ARM hardwareJeff Mahoney19 hours
scripts- scripts/sequence-patch.sh, scripts/tar-up.sh: Fix detection of SKIP_XEN.Jeff Mahoney5 days
vanillaAutomatically updated to 4.1-rc2-37-g5198b443Kernel Build Daemon17 hours
rpm-3.0.101-59commit c63b25154e...Kernel Build Daemon30 hours
rpm-3.0.101-58commit c86eb37868...Kernel Build Daemon2 days
rpm-3.0.101-56commit 3da0a945f7...Kernel Build Daemon12 days
rpm-3.0.101-57commit 51a0d8810a...Kernel Build Daemon12 days
rpm-3.0.101-55commit c09be5675a...Kernel Build Daemon2 weeks
rpm-3.12.39-47commit a9015940a8...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-0.47.52commit 0e3c7c88dc...Kernel Build Daemon6 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-0.47.50commit 7d96a60937...Kernel Build Daemon6 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-53commit b63e425743...Kernel Build Daemon7 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-52commit e04ff7e20e...Kernel Build Daemon7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
19 hoursconfig: Reenable armv7hl for 4.1HEADmasterMatwey V. Kornilov
19 hoursconfig: arm64: Reenable for 4.1Dirk Mueller
3 daysconfig: disable XGBE on non-ARM hardwareJeff Mahoney
3 daysUpdate to 4.1-rc2.Jeff Mahoney
5 days- scripts/sequence-patch.sh, scripts/tar-up.sh: Fix detection of SKIP_XEN.Jeff Mahoney
5 daysUpdate to 4.1-rc1.Jeff Mahoney
8 daysLinux 4.0.1.Jiri Slaby
13 daysftrace/x86/xen: use kernel identity mapping only when really neededPetr Mladek
2015-04-22scripts/refresh: Obsoleted by refresh_patch.shMichal Marek
2015-04-22Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek