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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE11-SP3Merge branch 'bnc904242' into SLE11-SP3Michal Hocko14 hours
SLE11-SP4Refresh patches.xen/xen-x86-EFI.Oliver Neukum6 hours
SLE12Merge branch 'packaging' into SLE12Michal Marek7 hours
linux-nextAutomatically updated to 3.19-rc6-next-20150130Michal Marek10 hours
masterMerge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek8 hours
openSUSE-13.1KEYS: close race between key lookup and freeing (bnc#912202).Lee, Chun-Yi12 hours
openSUSE-13.2KEYS: close race between key lookup and freeing (bnc#912202).Lee, Chun-Yi5 hours
packagingrpm/constraints.in: Lower the requirement to 4 CPUs on POWERMichal Marek8 hours
stable- Linux 3.18.5.Jiri Slaby13 hours
vanillaAutomatically updated to 3.19-rc6-105-gc59c961Michal Marek2 days
rpm-3.0.101-6commit 0dfd22dbe5...Kernel Build Daemon10 days
rpm-3.12.32-33commit a2814e97ec...Kernel Build Daemon14 days
rpm-3.0.101-0.42commit 4f07b1167f...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-0.46commit 8356111faa...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-3.16.6-2commit feb42eacae...Kernel Build Daemon3 months
rpm-3.0.101-0.40commit 44b8c9535d...Kernel Build Daemon3 months
rpm-3.12.28-4commit 9879bd4500...Kernel Build Daemon4 months
rpm-3.16.3-1.4.gd2bbe7fcommit d2bbe7fb53...Kernel Build Daemon4 months
rpm-3.16.2-1.1.gdcee397commit dcee397593...Kernel Build Daemon4 months
rpm-3.12.28-2commit aff039d09c...Kernel Build Daemon5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursMerge branch 'packaging'HEADmasterMichal Marek
8 hoursrpm/constraints.in: Lower the requirement to 4 CPUs on POWERpackagingMichal Marek
2 daysUpdate to 3.19-rc6.Jeff Mahoney
3 daysrpm/package-descriptions: Describe kernel-pv (and correct kernel-ec2's).Jan Beulich
4 daysSwitch to linux-*.tar.xzMichal Marek
4 daysdoc/README.SUSE: update Solid Driver team contactsLibor Pechacek
4 daysMerge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
4 daysdoc/README.PATCH-POLICY.SUSE: updated linksLibor Pechacek
4 daysrpm/kernel-source.spec.in: Add README.PATCH-POLICY.SUSE as source fileMichal Marek
4 daysdoc/README.PATCH-POLICY.SUSE: add patch policy / best practices documentJiri Kosina