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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE11-SP3usbhid: add another mouse that needs QUIRK_ALWAYS_POLLOliver Neukum9 hours
SLE12scsi: clear 'host_scribble' upon successful abort (bnc#894863).Hannes Reinecke32 hours
SLE12-GMpowerpc/iommu/ddw: Fix endianness (bsc#896028).Torsten Duwe5 days
linux-nextAutomatically updated to 3.17-rc6-next-20140926Michal Marek3 days
master- Update to 3.17-rc7.Jeff Mahoney27 hours
openSUSE-12.3udf: Avoid infinite loop when processing indirect ICBsJan Kara13 days
openSUSE-13.1udf: Avoid infinite loop when processing indirect ICBsJan Kara13 days
scriptsscripts/supported-conf-fixup: Fix sort order of masksJean Delvare9 days
stable- Linux 3.16.3 (bnc#890096).Jiri Slaby13 days
vanillaAutomatically updated to 3.17-rc7Michal Marek36 hours
rpm-3.16.2-1.1.gdcee397commit dcee397593...Kernel Build Daemon11 days
rpm-3.12.28-2commit aff039d09c...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-3.12.26-3commit d318f3af8f...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-3.12.20-1commit 1636e9b978...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-3.12.21-2commit c9f7e35284...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-3.12.22-2commit ee1c2a2a7b...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-3.12.24-7commit bf59cbf8b4...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-3.12.25-2commit 1b844262f5...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-3.0.101-0.35commit c36987dc9f...Kernel Build Daemon2 months
rpm-3.0.101-0.31commit 87c5279b3d...Kernel Build Daemon4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
27 hours- Update to 3.17-rc7.HEADmasterJeff Mahoney
5 dayspatches.suse/stack-unwind: Reduce the number of cases whereJan Beulich
8 days- Update to 3.17-rc6.Jeff Mahoney
8 dayspatches.arch/x86_64-unwind-annotations: Fix patch format (as reportedJan Beulich
13 daysUpdate EC2 config files again (adding DEBUG_INFO_DWARF4).Jan Beulich
13 dayssupported.conf: i2c-core -> i2core.Jan Beulich
13 daysRefresh patches.xen/xen3-patch-3.17-rc5 (fix build issue on native).Jan Beulich
13 daysUpdate EC2 config files (re-enable DEBUG_INFO).Jan Beulich
13 days- Update Xen patches to 3.17-rc5.Jan Beulich
2014-09-16Update s390x config files: disable CONFIG_EXTCON_SM5502Jean Delvare