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14 hoursbtrfs: fix WARNING in btrfs_select_ref_head() (bsc#1012452).SLE12-SP2David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: pass correct args to btrfs_async_run_delayed_refs()David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: kill BUG_ON in do_relocation (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: remove unnecessary btrfs_mark_buffer_dirty in split_leafDavid Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: fix btrfs_no_printk stub helper (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: memset to avoid stale content in btree leafDavid Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: parent_start initialization cleanup (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: fix a possible umount deadlock (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: btrfs_debug should consume fs_info when DEBUG is notDavid Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: convert send's verbose_printk to btrfs_debugDavid Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: convert pr_* to btrfs_* where possible (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: convert printk(KERN_* to use pr_* calls (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: unsplit printed strings (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: clean the old superblocks before freeing the deviceDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: kill BUG_ON in run_delayed_tree_ref (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: improve check_node to avoid reading corrupted nodesDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: add error handling for extent buffer in print treeDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: remove BUG_ON in start_transaction (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: memset to avoid stale content in btree node blockDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: kill BUG_ON()'s in btrfs_mark_extent_writtenDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: kill the start argument to read_extent_buffer_pagesDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: add a flags field to btrfs_fs_info (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: extend btrfs_set_extent_delalloc and its friends toDavid Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: add dynamic debug support (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: remove BUG() in raid56 (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: create example debugfs file only in debugging buildDavid Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: fix memory leak of block group cache (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursbtrfs: fix check_direct_IO() for non-iovec iterators (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
14 hoursBtrfs: rename and refresh patches from 4.9David Sterba
14 hoursFix minor build failureDavid Sterba
17 hoursibmvnic: Move initialization of sub crqs to ibmvnic_initMichal Suchanek
17 hoursibmvnic: Split initialization of scrqs to its own routineMichal Suchanek
17 hoursMove ibmvnic patches to same place as SP3 to make merging additionalMichal Suchanek
34 hoursMerge branch 'users/dsterba/SLE12-SP2/for-next' into SLE12-SP2Takashi Iwai
36 hoursBtrfs: fix emptiness check for dirtied extent buffers atDavid Sterba
36 hoursBtrfs: fix BUG_ON in btrfs_mark_buffer_dirty (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
36 hoursdell-laptop: Adds support for keyboard backlight timeout ACTakashi Iwai
37 hoursbtrfs: introduce tickets_id to determine whether asynchronousDavid Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: do not decrease bytes_may_use when replaying extentsDavid Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: fix one bug that process may endlessly wait for ticketDavid Sterba
37 hoursBtrfs: kill invalid ASSERT() in process_all_refs()David Sterba
37 hoursBtrfs: detect corruption when non-root leaf has zero itemDavid Sterba
37 hoursBtrfs: check btree node's nritems (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
37 hoursBtrfs: fix em leak in find_first_block_group (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: do not background blkdev_put() (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
37 hoursBtrfs: clarify do_chunk_alloc()'s return value (bsc#1012452).David Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: fix fsfreeze hang caused by delayed iputs dealDavid Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: update btrfs_space_info's bytes_may_use timelyDavid Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: divide btrfs_update_reserved_bytes() into two functionsDavid Sterba
37 hoursbtrfs: use correct offset for reloc_inode inDavid Sterba