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16 hoursLinux 4.10.13 (bnc#1012628).stableJiri Slaby
21 hoursLinux 4.10.13v4.10.13Greg Kroah-Hartman
21 hoursdevice-dax: switch to srcu, fix rcu_read_lock() vs pte allocationDan Williams
21 hoursx86/mce/AMD: Give a name to MCA bank 3 when accessed with legacy MSRsYazen Ghannam
21 hourspowerpc/kprobe: Fix oops when kprobed on 'stdu' instructionRavi Bangoria
21 hoursubi/upd: Always flush after prepared for an updateSebastian Siewior
21 hoursx86/mce: Make the MCE notifier a blocking oneVishal Verma
21 hoursmac80211: fix MU-MIMO follow-MAC modeJohannes Berg
21 hoursmac80211: reject ToDS broadcast data framesJohannes Berg
21 hoursubifs: Fix O_TMPFILE corner case in ubifs_link()Richard Weinberger
21 hoursubifs: Fix RENAME_WHITEOUT supportFelix Fietkau
21 hoursmmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: increase the pad I/O drive strength for DDR50 cardHaibo Chen
21 hoursmmc: dw_mmc: Don't allow Runtime PM for SDIO cardsDouglas Anderson
21 hoursACPI / power: Avoid maybe-uninitialized warningArnd Bergmann
21 hoursInput: elantech - add Fujitsu Lifebook E547 to force crc_enabledThorsten Leemhuis
21 hourss390/mm: fix CMMA vs KSM vs othersChristian Borntraeger
21 hoursmmc: dw_mmc: silent verbose log when calling from PM contextShawn Lin
21 hoursCIFS: remove bad_network_name flagGermano Percossi
21 hourscifs: Do not send echoes before Negotiate is completeSachin Prabhu
21 hoursmm: prevent NR_ISOLATE_* stats from going negativeRabin Vincent
21 hoursring-buffer: Have ring_buffer_iter_empty() return true when emptySteven Rostedt (VMware)
21 hoursHID: wacom: Treat HID_DG_TOOLSERIALNUMBER as unsignedJason Gerecke
21 hourstracing: Allocate the snapshot buffer before enabling probeSteven Rostedt (VMware)
21 hoursKEYS: fix keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring() to not leak thread keyringsEric Biggers
21 hoursKEYS: Change the name of the dead type to ".dead" to prevent user accessDavid Howells
21 hoursKEYS: Disallow keyrings beginning with '.' to be joined as session keyringsDavid Howells
36 hoursplatform/x86: dell-laptop: Add keyboard backlight timeout ACTakashi Iwai
43 hoursmacsec: avoid heap overflow in skb_to_sgvec (CVE-2017-7477Michal Kubecek
4 daysDisable CONFIG_POWER_SUPPLY_DEBUG in debug kernels (bsc#1031500).Takashi Iwai
7 days- Linux 4.10.12 (bnc#1012628 bsc#1031935 bsc#1032285).Jiri Slaby
7 daysLinux 4.10.12v4.10.12Greg Kroah-Hartman
7 daysvirtio-console: avoid DMA from stackOmar Sandoval
7 dayscxusb: Use a dma capable buffer also for readingStefan BrĂ¼ns
7 daysmm: Tighten x86 /dev/mem with zeroing readsKees Cook
7 daysrtc: tegra: Implement clock handlingThierry Reding
7 daysACPI / EC: Use busy polling mode when GPE is not enabledLv Zheng
7 daysx86/xen: Fix APIC id mismatch warning on IntelMohit Gambhir
7 daysplatform/x86: acer-wmi: setup accelerometer when machine has appropriate noti...Lee, Chun-Yi
7 daysASoC: Intel: select DW_DMAC_CORE since it's mandatoryAndy Shevchenko
7 daysdvb-usb-v2: avoid use-after-freeArnd Bergmann
7 daysparisc: Fix get_user() for 64-bit value on 32-bit kernelHelge Deller
7 dayscrypto: lrw - Fix use-after-free on EINPROGRESSHerbert Xu
7 dayscrypto: ahash - Fix EINPROGRESS notification callbackHerbert Xu
7 dayscrypto: xts - Fix use-after-free on EINPROGRESSHerbert Xu
7 dayscrypto: algif_aead - Fix bogus request dereference in completion functionHerbert Xu
7 daysftrace: Fix function pid filter on instancesNamhyung Kim
7 dayszram: do not use copy_page with non-page aligned addressMinchan Kim
7 daysRevert "MIPS: Lantiq: Fix cascaded IRQ setup"Greg Kroah-Hartman
7 dayschar: lack of bool string made CONFIG_DEVPORT always onMax Bires
7 daysdrm/i915/gvt: set the correct default value of CTX STATUS PTRMin He