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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE12-SP3SUNRPC: init xdr_stream for zero iov_len, page_lenNeilBrown14 hours
SLE12-SP3-AZUREMerge remote-tracking branch 'kerncvs/SLE12-SP3' into SLE12-SP3-AZUREOlaf Hering8 hours
SLE15Merge branch 'users/ggherdovich/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai19 hours
SLE15-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon9 hours
SLE15-SP1- PCI: pciehp: Fix re-enabling the slot marked for safe removal.Oliver Neukum4 hours
linux-nextAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc2-next-20190326Kernel Build Daemon4 hours
masterparport: daisy: do not try to load lowlevel driverMichal Kubecek9 hours
openSUSE-15.0Merge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0Kernel Build Daemon9 hours
openSUSE-42.3Merge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Kernel Build Daemon9 hours
vanillaAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc2-1-ga3ac7917b730Kernel Build Daemon4 hours
rpm-3.0.101-108.87commit 10e85a83f2...Kernel Build Daemon11 days
rpm-4.12.14-110commit f61372fc90...Kernel Build Daemon12 days
rpm-4.4.175-94.79commit 047a6d3830...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-32commit e1536c0caf...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-25.28commit dd6077c8ee...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-6.6commit cfaa51ac73...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-30commit 7f76697f51...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-95.6commit 6af4ef80c4...Kernel Build Daemon8 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-5.19commit 43a4c0ffa2...Kernel Build Daemon2 months
rpm-4.4.170-4.22commit 5499596c50...Kernel Build Daemon2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-04-07- Updaterpm-3.0.101-0.21Michal Kubecek
2014-04-07inet: handle rt{,6}_bind_peer() failure correctly (bnc#870801).Michal Kubecek
2014-03-13ncpfs: fix rmdir returns Device or resource busy (bnc#864880).rpm-3.0.101-0.18Jan Kara
2014-03-13IPv6 routing, NLM_F_* flag support: REPLACE and EXCL flagsMichal Kubecek
2014-03-13kabi: protect symbols modified by bnc#864833 fix (bnc#864833).Michal Kubecek
2014-03-13inet: Avoid potential NULL peer dereference (bnc#864833).Michal Kubecek
2014-03-13inet: Hide route peer accesses behind helpers (bnc#864833).Michal Kubecek
2014-03-13inet: Pass inetpeer root into inet_getpeer*() interfacesMichal Kubecek
2014-03-13supported.conf: Support the AD7879 touchscreen againJean Delvare
2014-03-13inet: fix addr_len/msg->msg_namelen assignment in recv_errorDavid Chang