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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE12-SP3Revert "mmc: bcm2835: Fix DMA channel leak on probe error (bsc#1120902)."Takashi Iwai21 hours
SLE12-SP3-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into SLE12-SP3-AZUREKernel Build Daemon7 hours
SLE12-SP4Merge branch 'SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Kernel Build Daemon7 hours
SLE12-SP4-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE12-SP4' into SLE12-SP4-AZUREKernel Build Daemon7 hours
SLE15kABI workaround for hid_debug_list kfifo changes (CVE-2019-3819,Takashi Iwai2 hours
SLE15-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon7 hours
SLE15-SP1RefreshBorislav Petkov16 hours
masternet: crypto set sk to NULL when af_alg_release (CVE-2019-8912Michal Kubecek5 hours
openSUSE-15.0Merge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0Kernel Build Daemon7 hours
openSUSE-42.3Merge branch 'SLE12-SP3' into openSUSE-42.3Takashi Iwai21 hours
rpm-4.12.14-32commit e1536c0caf...Kernel Build Daemon25 hours
rpm-4.12.14-25.28commit dd6077c8ee...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-6.6commit cfaa51ac73...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-30commit 7f76697f51...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-95.6commit 6af4ef80c4...Kernel Build Daemon3 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-5.19commit 43a4c0ffa2...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.4.170-4.22commit 5499596c50...Kernel Build Daemon4 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-29commit 2f3a6d074a...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
rpm-4.12.14-28commit 7bb6074287...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
rpm-4.4.162-4.19commit 7f004c3641...Kernel Build Daemon5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-25Move x86 patches that have been upstreamed into the sorted sectionrpm-4.12.14-25.25Takashi Iwai
2018-10-25Update patch tag: patches.arch/x86-pti-xenpv-dont-report-as-vulnerable.patchTakashi Iwai
2018-10-25Merge branch 'users/ailiopoulos/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-10-25xfs: don't fail when converting shortform attr to long formAnthony Iliopoulos
2018-10-25iwlwifi: pcie gen2: check iwl_pcie_gen2_set_tb() return valueTakashi Iwai
2018-10-25iwlwifi: pcie: gen2: build A-MSDU only for GSO (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
2018-10-25Update & sort upstreamed nvme patchesTakashi Iwai
2018-10-25Merge branch 'users/jroedel/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-10-25xfrm: use complete IPv6 addresses for hash (bsc#1109330).Michal Kubecek
2018-10-25ethtool: fix a privilege escalation bug (bsc#1076830).Michal Kubecek