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authorPetr Mladek <pmladek@suse.com>2019-01-07 15:34:17 +0100
committerPetr Mladek <pmladek@suse.com>2019-01-07 15:34:17 +0100
commit6791b72f862c22ee114a3cdb2a0c93cd3c7d8cb7 (patch)
parenta50fefb676ee52d4eafaa130210e0bdfa3d2954c (diff)
blacklist.conf: link error with some gcc version or some configurations
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/blacklist.conf b/blacklist.conf
index f70c9ea653..a1ce11dd0c 100644
--- a/blacklist.conf
+++ b/blacklist.conf
@@ -323,5 +323,6 @@ acceb72e90624ec6c3f2fc62e72dab892cd075da # duplicate of 82cc4fc2e70ec5baeff8f776
6b7e633fe9c24682df550e5311f47fb524701586 # optimization
1fe4293f4b8de75824935f8d8e9a99c7fc6873da # function graph tracer is disabled
8a03e81cb14712f986c5d5fa42a30ff2cbe3237c # no powernv code on SLE11
+b33c8ff4431a343561e2319f17c14286f2aa52e2 # tracing: link error with some gcc version or some configurations
9b94a8fba501f38368aef6ac1b30e7335252a220 # ring_buffer: less critical on SLE11 because there is used "unsigned" instead of "int" for the buffer size; need a root; would need > 8TB memory per-CPU even when it works
688b744d8bc84dc5cc646e97509113dc5e8818ed # kgdb: very old problem; might be visible only when debugging int3 context on x86_64