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authorMichal Kubecek <mkubecek@suse.cz>2019-02-14 18:35:50 +0100
committerMichal Kubecek <mkubecek@suse.cz>2019-02-14 18:35:50 +0100
commit226cfdd55897b0f47d58245a524c670eff7e5bf6 (patch)
parent93bf53ce037149585441628d890e1be553297d78 (diff)
blacklist.conf: add 9b3fa47d4a76
Commit 9b3fa47d4a76 ("kobject: fix suppressing modalias in uevents delivered over netlink") is marked as fix for commit 4a336a23d619 ("kobject: copy env blob in one go") but it fixes code added by commit 6878e7de6af7 ("driver core: suppress sending MODALIAS in UNBIND uevents") which wasn't backported to SLE15.
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/blacklist.conf b/blacklist.conf
index 8e06f7586d..a2bbbd7b48 100644
--- a/blacklist.conf
+++ b/blacklist.conf
@@ -954,3 +954,4 @@ b1ab5fa309e6c49e4e06270ec67dd7b3e9971d04 # Just a cleanup
4ea899ead2786a30aaa8181fefa81a3df4ad28f6 # Not applicable to SLE15
967d1dc144b50ad005e5eecdfadfbcfb399ffff6 # Just a cleanup
0a42e99b58a208839626465af194cfe640ef9493 # Just a cleanup
+9b3fa47d4a76b1d606a396455f9bbeee083ef008 # Fixes code not present in SLE15