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authorLuis R. Rodriguez <mcgrof@suse.com>2017-09-06 14:51:29 -0700
committerMichal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>2018-09-29 00:47:47 +0200
commitae8069ff6c43497122b072bcea1e64e52b2a9e26 (patch)
parent2d4764042fb11742afeeae095e253ba5398e6366 (diff)
supported.conf: add test_syctl to new kselftests-kmp package FATE#323821
As per FATE#323821 we will require new FATE requests per each new selftest driver. We don't want to support these module on production runs but we do want to support them for QA / testing uses. The compromise is to package them into its own package, this will be the kselftests-kmp package. Selftests can also be used as proof of concept vehicle for issues by customers or ourselves. Vanilla kernels do not get test_sysctl given that driver was using built-in defaults, this also means we cannot run sefltests on config/s390x/zfcpdump which does not enable modules. Likeweise, since we had to *change* the kernel for test_syctl, it it also means we can't test test_syctl with vanilla kernels. It should be possible with other selftests drivers if they are present in vanilla kernels though.
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diff --git a/rpm/package-descriptions b/rpm/package-descriptions
index 1f5914b8cc..58147738d2 100644
--- a/rpm/package-descriptions
+++ b/rpm/package-descriptions
@@ -144,3 +144,24 @@ Requires: dlm-kmp
OCFS2 is the Oracle Cluster Filesystem, a filesystem for shared devices
accessible simultaneously from multiple nodes of a cluster.
+=== kselftests-kmp ===
+Kernel sefltests
+This package contains kernel modules which are part of the upstream kernel
+selftest effort. kselftest is the name of the upstream kernel target to build
+and run all selftests. You can also run each test individually from the
+respective upstream tools/testing/selftests/ directory, this package is
+intended to be used using individial upstream selftest scripts given only
+select supported selftest drivers are enabled.
+It should always be possible to always run the latest linux-next version of the
+selftest scripts and tests against any older kernel selftest driver. Certain
+tests facilities may be backported onto older kernels to enable further
+Selftests also provide for a vehicle or proof of concept issues to be
+reproduced, verified and corrected.
+Selftest drivers are intended to be supported only in testing and QA
+environments, they are not intended to be run on production systems.