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authorJiri Slaby <jslaby@suse.cz>2018-02-01 10:27:20 +0100
committerJiri Slaby <jslaby@suse.cz>2018-02-01 12:56:03 +0100
commit09e0d6046b29fee2748f15fa5849dd72c69dd072 (patch)
parent31a6ca1b35008bdcbe7334a9fa4c32988f753dba (diff)
Refresh patches.kabi/kabi-protect-struct-bpf_map.patch.
Update to match the current tree -- the commit now comes from the stable tree.
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/patches.kabi/kabi-protect-struct-bpf_map.patch b/patches.kabi/kabi-protect-struct-bpf_map.patch
index a84131e5ac..55931b2de1 100644
--- a/patches.kabi/kabi-protect-struct-bpf_map.patch
+++ b/patches.kabi/kabi-protect-struct-bpf_map.patch
@@ -3,8 +3,10 @@ Subject: kABI: protect struct bpf_map
Patch-mainline: never, kabi
References: kabi
-In patches.suse/bpf-prevent-out-of-bounds-speculation.patch, we added
-one bool to struct bpf_map. It indeed made the kABI checker to complain.
+In 4.4.112, commit 9a7fad4c0e215fb1c256fee27c45f9f8bc4364c5 (bpf:
+prevent out-of-bounds speculation), upstream commit
+b2157399cc9898260d6031c5bfe45fe137c1fbe7 added one bool to struct
+bpf_map. It indeed made the kABI checker to complain.
Given this is only bpf-internal structure (bpf_register_map_type is not
exported), let's ignore this change and hide it from the kABI checker.