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45 hoursAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc1-next-20190322linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
3 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc1-next-20190321Kernel Build Daemon
3 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
4 daysrpm/kernel-subpackage-build: handle arm kernel zImage.Michal Suchanek
4 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc1-next-20190320Kernel Build Daemon
5 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc1-next-20190319Kernel Build Daemon
6 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc1-next-20190318Kernel Build Daemon
6 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
6 daysTrim build dependencies of sample subpackage spec file (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
8 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
8 daysAdd sample kernel-default-base spec file (FATE#326579, jsc#SLE-4117,Michal Suchanek
8 daysInstall extra rpm scripts for kernel subpackaging (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
8 daysRemove the previous subpackage infrastructure.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/linux-next' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-08Update config files.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-08Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-07KMPs: provide and conflict a kernel version specific KMP nameMichal Suchanek
2019-03-07Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-06KMPs: obsolete older KMPs of the same flavour (bsc#1127155, bsc#1109137).Michal Suchanek
2019-03-06Revert "Drop multiversion(kernel) from the KMP template (fate#323189)"Michal Suchanek
2019-03-06Automatically updated to 5.0-next-20190306Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-05Automatically updated to 5.0-next-20190305Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-04Automatically updated to 5.0-rc8-next-20190304Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-01Automatically updated to 5.0-rc8-next-20190301Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-28Update ppc64le config file.Michal Suchanek
2019-02-28Update config files.Michal Suchanek
2019-02-28Update config files.Michal Suchanek
2019-02-28Automatically updated to 5.0-rc8-next-20190228Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-27BPF: UMH: do not detect if compiler can link userspace programMichal Suchanek
2019-02-27Automatically updated to 5.0-rc8-next-20190227Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-26Automatically updated to 5.0-rc8-next-20190226Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-25Automatically updated to 5.0-rc7-next-20190225Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-22Automatically updated to 5.0-rc7-next-20190222Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-21Automatically updated to 5.0-rc7-next-20190221Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-20Automatically updated to 5.0-rc7-next-20190220Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-20Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2019-02-19rpm/klp-symbols: Remove the second column in Symbols.listMiroslav Benes
2019-02-19Automatically updated to 5.0-rc7-next-20190219Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-18Automatically updated to 5.0-rc6-next-20190218Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-15Automatically updated to 5.0-rc6-next-20190215Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-14Automatically updated to 5.0-rc6-next-20190214Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-13Automatically updated to 5.0-rc6-next-20190213Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-12Automatically updated to 5.0-rc6-next-20190212Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-11Automatically updated to 5.0-rc5-next-20190211Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-09Merge branch 'packaging' into linux-nextKernel Build Daemon
2019-02-08rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: Build livepatch support in SUSE releaseMichal Suchanek
2019-02-08Automatically updated to 5.0-rc5-next-20190208Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-07Automatically updated to 5.0-rc5-next-20190207Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-06Automatically updated to 5.0-rc5-next-20190206Kernel Build Daemon
2019-02-05Automatically updated to 5.0-rc5-next-20190205Kernel Build Daemon