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7 daysrpm/mkspec: Correct tarball URL for rc kernels.packagingMichal Suchanek
10 daysrpm/mkspec: Make building DTBs optional.Michal Suchanek
10 daysrpm/modflist: Simplify compression support.Michal Suchanek
10 daysrpm: support compressed modulesMichal Kubecek
12 daysMerge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
12 daysrpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: support partial rt debug config.Michal Suchanek
12 daysscripts/run_oldconfig.sh: support rt partial debug config.Michal Suchanek
12 daysscripts/git_sort/README.md: Update quilt-ks repository URLBenjamin Poirier
2019-08-02scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: update nvme repository to 5.3-rcNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
2019-07-27Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix native config check in kbuild.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-27rpm/macros.kernel-source: KMPs should depend on kmod-compat to build.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix update-vanillaMichal Suchanek
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix update-vanillaMichal Suchanek
2019-07-24Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-24scripts/arch-symbols: add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-24scripts/arch-symbols: add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-24rpm/dtb.spec.in.in: don't make dtb directory inaccessibleAndreas Schwab
2019-07-23Add kernel module compression support (bsc#1135854)Takashi Iwai
2019-07-22rpm/klp-symbols: update to work with kernel >= 5.3Michal Kubecek
2019-07-16scripts/tar-up.sh: do not make assumptions about the remote name (bsc#1141488)Olaf Hering
2019-07-10rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: handle modules.builtin.modinfoJiri Slaby
2019-07-09Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-09scripts/guards: Add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-08rpm/post.sh: correct typo in err msg (bsc#1137625)Marco Vedovati
2019-07-04rpm/package-descriptions: fix typo in kernel-azureMichal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: rpm does not support multiline conditionMichal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: Use -c grep option in klp project detection.Michal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: fix missing \Michal Suchanek
2019-06-13Build klp-symbols in kernel devel projects.Michal Suchanek
2019-06-05git_sort: add crypto maintainer tree.Michal Suchanek
2019-05-09Sign non-x86 kernels when possible (boo#1134303)Guillaume GARDET
2019-05-09git-sort: tests: Use --no-gpg-checks in SLE12-SP2 DockerfileBenjamin Poirier
2019-05-09git-sort: Handle new pygit2.discover_repository behaviorBenjamin Poirier
2019-05-02git-sort: Move mainline remote check to series_sortBenjamin Poirier
2019-05-02git-sort: Always explicitely handle a pygit2 import errorBenjamin Poirier
2019-05-02git-sort: qcp: Create subdir of quilt's .pc if neededBenjamin Poirier
2019-04-29scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: Add mkp/scsi 5.0/scsi-fixesTakashi Iwai
2019-04-29git-sort: README: Add information about how to report problemsBenjamin Poirier
2019-04-17scripts/bugzilla-create: Set 'Proactive-Upstream-Fix' keywordJoerg Roedel
2019-04-11Do not provide kernel-default from kernel-default-base (boo#1132154, bsc#1106...Michal Suchanek
2019-04-11rpm/kernel-subpackage-spec: only provide firmware actually present inMichal Suchanek
2019-04-10kernel-subpackage-spec: Add dummy package to ensure subpackages areMichal Suchanek
2019-03-22Do not provide kernel-default-srchash from kernel-default-base.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-20rpm/kernel-subpackage-build: handle arm kernel zImage.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-18Trim build dependencies of sample subpackage spec file (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
2019-03-15Add sample kernel-default-base spec file (FATE#326579, jsc#SLE-4117,Michal Suchanek
2019-03-15Install extra rpm scripts for kernel subpackaging (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
2019-03-15Remove the previous subpackage infrastructure.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-11scripts: git_sort: Warn about missing upstream repoMichal Koutný