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7 daysrpm/mkspec: Correct tarball URL for rc kernels.packagingMichal Suchanek
10 daysrpm/mkspec: Make building DTBs optional.Michal Suchanek
11 daysrpm/modflist: Simplify compression support.Michal Suchanek
11 daysrpm: support compressed modulesMichal Kubecek
Some of our scripts and scriptlets in rpm/ do not expect module files not ending with ".ko" which currently leads to failure in preuninstall scriptlet of cluster-md-kmp-default (and probably also other subpackages). Let those which could be run on compressed module files recognize ".ko.xz" in addition to ".ko".
12 daysMerge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
12 daysrpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: support partial rt debug config.Michal Suchanek
13 daysscripts/run_oldconfig.sh: support rt partial debug config.Michal Suchanek
13 daysscripts/git_sort/README.md: Update quilt-ks repository URLBenjamin Poirier
2019-08-02scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: update nvme repository to 5.3-rcNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
Signed-off-by: Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <nmoreychaisemartin@suse.com>
2019-07-27Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix native config check in kbuild.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-27rpm/macros.kernel-source: KMPs should depend on kmod-compat to build.Michal Suchanek
kmod-compat links are used in find-provides.ksyms, find-requires.ksyms, and find-supplements.ksyms in rpm-config-SUSE.
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix update-vanillaMichal Suchanek
When CC is set we want to use it for native only. Cross-compilation still needs the crosscompilers.
2019-07-27scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Fix update-vanillaMichal Suchanek
When CC is set we want to use it for native only. Cross-compilation still needs the crosscompilers.
2019-07-24Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-24scripts/arch-symbols: add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-24scripts/arch-symbols: add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-24rpm/dtb.spec.in.in: don't make dtb directory inaccessibleAndreas Schwab
There is no reason to lock down the dtb directory for ordinary users.
2019-07-23Add kernel module compression support (bsc#1135854)Takashi Iwai
For enabling the kernel module compress, add the item COMPRESS_MODULES="xz" in config.sh, then mkspec will pass it to the spec file.
2019-07-22rpm/klp-symbols: update to work with kernel >= 5.3Michal Kubecek
Since mainline commit b7dca6dd1e59 ("kbuild: create *.mod with full directory path and remove MODVERDIR") in v5.3-rc1, *.mod files are created in the build tree rather than in a single directory .tmp_versions ($MODVERDIR). They also do not provide path to the *.ko module file on their first line as the path is the same (except for the suffix). Update klp-symbols script to handle this new layout and format of *.mod files to fix build of 5.3-rc1 and newer kernel. Note: this is a quick band-aid to fix master branch build without risk of breaking any other branch. A more proper cleanup will follow.
2019-07-16scripts/tar-up.sh: do not make assumptions about the remote name (bsc#1141488)Olaf Hering
The script assumed a remote named 'origin' exists. While this is true for cloning a repo with default options, the name of the remote can be easily changed. Also there can be more than one remotes. Extend the script to exclude a branch named 'scripts' in all configured remotes.
2019-07-10rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: handle modules.builtin.modinfoJiri Slaby
It was added in 5.2.
2019-07-09Merge branch 'scripts' into packagingMichal Suchanek
2019-07-09scripts/guards: Add missing link.Michal Suchanek
2019-07-08rpm/post.sh: correct typo in err msg (bsc#1137625)Marco Vedovati
Signed-off-by: Marco Vedovati <mvedovati@suse.com>
2019-07-04rpm/package-descriptions: fix typo in kernel-azureMichal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: rpm does not support multiline conditionMichal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: Use -c grep option in klp project detection.Michal Suchanek
2019-06-20kernel-binary: fix missing \Michal Suchanek
2019-06-13Build klp-symbols in kernel devel projects.Michal Suchanek
Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-06-05git_sort: add crypto maintainer tree.Michal Suchanek
2019-05-09Sign non-x86 kernels when possible (boo#1134303)Guillaume GARDET
Signed-off-by: Guillaume GARDET <guillaume.gardet@free.fr>
2019-05-09git-sort: tests: Use --no-gpg-checks in SLE12-SP2 DockerfileBenjamin Poirier
The updated SLE12-SP2 docker image uses a repo that needs --no-gpg-checks for non-interactive usage.
2019-05-09git-sort: Handle new pygit2.discover_repository behaviorBenjamin Poirier
A consequence of pygit2 commit c32ee0c25384 ("Now discover_repository returns None if repo not found").
2019-05-02git-sort: Move mainline remote check to series_sortBenjamin Poirier
git_sort can be used on any git repository. series_sort() OTOH expects the reference repository to be a clone of the mainline Linux kernel repository. Move the warning accordingly and make it an error since further operations would fail. Fixes: 027d52475873 ("scripts: git_sort: Warn about missing upstream repo")
2019-05-02git-sort: Always explicitely handle a pygit2 import errorBenjamin Poirier
As pointed out by Michal Suchanek, the limitation in commit 6d67b1042a73 ("series_sort: Catch pygit2 import failure.") is wrong; given that there is no explicit installation step of the git-sort scripts and that they are "just there" in the kernel-source repository, every user-callable script needs to check that the user followed installation requirements.
2019-05-02git-sort: qcp: Create subdir of quilt's .pc if neededBenjamin Poirier
qcp.py creates a ~refresh file under a subdirectory of quilt's ".pc" directory. If there haven't been other patches applied yet which are in the same subdirectory (ex: "patches.fixes"), that directory does not exist. This situation can also occur in other scenarios when using `rapidquilt`. change qcp to create the directory if needed, instead of failing. Reported-by: Gary Lin <glin@suse.com>
2019-04-29scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: Add mkp/scsi 5.0/scsi-fixesTakashi Iwai
2019-04-29git-sort: README: Add information about how to report problemsBenjamin Poirier
2019-04-17scripts/bugzilla-create: Set 'Proactive-Upstream-Fix' keywordJoerg Roedel
2019-04-11Do not provide kernel-default from kernel-default-base (boo#1132154, ↵Michal Suchanek
bsc#1106751). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-04-11rpm/kernel-subpackage-spec: only provide firmware actually present inMichal Suchanek
2019-04-10kernel-subpackage-spec: Add dummy package to ensure subpackages areMichal Suchanek
rebuilt with kernel update (bsc#1106751). In factory packages are not rebuilt automatically so a dependency is needed on the old kernel to get a rebuild with the new kernel. THe subpackage itself cannot depend on the kernel so add another empty pacakge that does depend on it. Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-22Do not provide kernel-default-srchash from kernel-default-base.Michal Suchanek
Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-20rpm/kernel-subpackage-build: handle arm kernel zImage.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-18Trim build dependencies of sample subpackage spec file (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-4117, jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-15Add sample kernel-default-base spec file (FATE#326579, jsc#SLE-4117,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-15Install extra rpm scripts for kernel subpackaging (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-4117, jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-15Remove the previous subpackage infrastructure.Michal Suchanek
This partially reverts commit 9b3ca32c11854156b2f950ff5e26131377d8445e ("Add kernel-subpackage-build.spec (FATE#326579).")
2019-03-11scripts: git_sort: Warn about missing upstream repoMichal Koutný
I've witnessed several people having misconfigured their remotes and then calling sortig scripts on series.conf results in cryptic error messages like: > Traceback (most recent call last): > File "scripts/git_sort/series_sort.py", line 121, in <module> > sorted_entries = lib.series_sort(index, input_entries) > File "/home/mkoutny/suse/kernel-source-12-sp3/scripts/git_sort/lib.py", line 425, in series_sort > for e in sorted(result[head].items(), key=operator.itemgetter(0))]) > KeyError: None HEAD Add warning when the upstream torvalds/linux remote is not found to give users a clue about the situation.