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2009-10-07- patches.kernel.org/patch- Linux Kroah-Hartman
2009-10-07Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2009-10-07- patches.drivers/alsa-hda-alc268-automic-fix: ALSA: hda -Takashi Iwai
2009-10-07- patches.suse/block-seperate-rw-inflight-stats: Fix the regression,Nikanth Karthikesan
2009-10-06- patches.suse/x86-mark_rodata_rw.patch: Delete.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-10-06- Update Xen patches to Beulich
2009-10-06Merge branch 't/readme' into scriptsMichal Marek
2009-10-06README: Update the chapter about Embargoed PatchesMichal Marek
2009-10-06README: remove reference to kernel-cvsMichal Marek
2009-10-06README: Mention bnc# and fate# prefixes, use a more recent exampleMichal Marek
2009-10-06- patches.drivers/alsa-hda-alc660vd-asus-a7k-fix: ALSA: hda -Takashi Iwai
2009-10-05- refresh patch fuzz due to import.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-10-05- Update to Linux Kroah-Hartman
2009-10-05Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2009-10-05scripts/merge-scripts-branch: merge to the current branch by defaultMichal Marek
2009-10-05scripts/tar-up_and_run_mbuild.sh: add to 'scripts'Michal Marek
2009-10-05- patches.drivers/alsa-hda-alc861-toshiba-fix: ALSA: hda -Takashi Iwai
2009-10-02- Update config files.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-10-02- patches.drivers/alsa-ctxfi-04-fix-surround-side-mute: ALSA:Takashi Iwai
2009-10-01- Update Xen patches to and c/s 934.Jan Beulich
2009-10-01- rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: obsolete quickcam-kmp (bnc#543361).Michal Marek
2009-09-30- Update to Kroah-Hartman
2009-09-30- rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: obsolete the sle11 ocfs2-kmp.Michal Marek
2009-09-29- Disabled patches.suse/acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.9a-2.6.25.patchrpm-2.6.31-10Thomas Renninger
2009-09-23- Update config files. Build pci-stub driver into the kernel so thatTejun Heo
2009-09-22- rpm/kernel-module-subpackage: when building against Linus'Michal Marek
2009-09-21- Update config files.Jeff Mahoney
2009-09-21- patches.suse/acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.9a-2.6.25.patch: Ported toJeff Mahoney
2009-09-19- rpm/postun.sh: do not remove the bootloader entry if the kernelMichal Marek
2009-09-19- rpm/postun.sh: remove dead code.Michal Marek
2009-09-17Merge branch 'master' of kerncvs.suse.de:/home/git/kernel-sourceJeff Mahoney
2009-09-17- patches.arch/acpi_srat-pxm-rev-ia64.patch: Use SRAT table revJeff Mahoney
2009-09-17- patches.drivers/alsa-hda-2.6.32-rc1: ALSA HD-audio backportTakashi Iwai
2009-09-16- Update Xen patches to 2.6.31 final.Jan Beulich
2009-09-15Backport attach inhibition for builtin pci drivers from 2.6.32-rc.Tejun Heo
2009-09-15Backport patches from 2.6.32-rc to ease ossp testing.Tejun Heo
2009-09-14- patches.suse/novfs-client-module: Update header todo list withSven-Thorsten Dietrich
2009-09-14- Revert back to CONFIG_M586TSC from CONFIG_M686 for default flavorJeff Mahoney
2009-09-11- patches.suse/crasher-26.diff: Add capability to also trigger aJan Beulich
2009-09-11- patches.suse/block-seperate-rw-inflight-stats: Seperate readNikanth Karthikesan
2009-09-10- patch fuzz removal now that 2.6.31 is the base.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-09-10- Update config files.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-09-10- patches.drivers/alsa-hda-2.6.32-pre: Refresh: fix misc realtekTakashi Iwai
2009-09-09- Updated to 2.6.31-final.Jeff Mahoney
2009-09-09- rpm/kernel-source.spec.in: delete obsolete macro.Michal Marek
2009-09-08- refresh patches for fuzz due to upstream changesrpm-2.6.31-7Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-09-08- Update to 2.6.31-rc9Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-09-08- patches.fixes/scsi_dh-Provide-set_params-interface-in-emc-device-handler.pa...Nikanth Karthikesan
2009-09-07- rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: require minimum versions ofMichal Marek
2009-09-07- rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: obsolete %name-base <= 2.6.31, theMichal Marek