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2013-02-25Merge branch 'SLE11-SP2' into SLE11-SP3rpm-3.0.65-0.9Michal Marek
2013-02-25- patches.fixes/nfs-umount-fix: Ensure NFS doesn't block on deadNeilBrown
2013-02-22tg3: Add 57766 device support (bnc#790588 FATE#313912).Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-22Merge branch 'bnc#798406' into SLE11-SP3Borislav Petkov
2013-02-22x86, mm: Send tlb flush IPIs to online cpus only (bnc#798406).Borislav Petkov
2013-02-22merge hv changes from v3.9-rc1:Olaf Hering
2013-02-22Refresh patches.arch/s390-sles11sp3-16-06-pci-stub.patch.Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-22update patch headers fate314663 and fate314665.Olaf Hering
2013-02-22rename patches for fate314663 and fate314665 to simplifyOlaf Hering
2013-02-22Update config files: run oldconfig on s390Jiri Kosina
2013-02-22Merge branch 'SLE11-SP3' of kerncvs.suse.de:/home/git/kernel-source into SLE1...Jiri Kosina
2013-02-22Update config files: disable PTP on s390. This is a partial revert of 5283bd87adJiri Kosina
2013-02-22drm/cirrus: Use 16bpp as default (bnc#799216).Takashi Iwai
2013-02-22drm/cirrus: Correct register values for 16bpp (bnc#799216).Takashi Iwai
2013-02-22- mm: mmu_notifier: have mmu_notifiers use a global SRCU so they may safely s...Mel Gorman
2013-02-22- patches.fixes/block-disable-discard-request-merge-temporarily.patch:Ankit Jain
2013-02-22- patches.fixes/mm-mmu_notifier-have-mmu_notifiers-use-a-global-SRCU-so-they-...Mel Gorman
2013-02-22btrfs: fixup writeback_inodes_sb wrappers use.David Sterba
2013-02-22Update HD-audio drivers for Nvidia/AMD HDMI and Haswell audioTakashi Iwai
2013-02-22Remove yet another ugly backport hack in previous DRM updatesTakashi Iwai
2013-02-22MODSIGN: Fix including certificate twice when theLee, Chun-Yi
2013-02-22Merge branch 'SLE11-SP2' into SLE11-SP3Michal Marek
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Fix advertisement of wrong PF context behaviourBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_core: Set number of msix vectors under SRIOV mode toBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Fix bridged vSwitch configuration for non SRIOVBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Allow choosing flow steering mode (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Adjustments to Flow Steering activation logic forBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Fix error flow in the flow steering wrapperBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Add QPN enforcement for flow steering rules set byBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Use generic etherdevice.h functions (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21drivers/net: fix up function prototypes after __dev* removalsBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: remove __dev* attributes (bnc#786036 FATE#314304).Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Set number of rx/tx channels using ethtoolBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Fix TX moderation info loss after set_ringparamBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Fix potential deadlock in mlx4_eq_int() (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21IB/mlx4: Fix spinlock order to avoid lockdep warningsBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4: 64-byte CQE/EQE support (bnc#786036 FATE#314304).Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_en: Remove remnants of LRO support (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21various: Fix spelling of "asynchronous" in comments (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4: change TX coalescing defaults (bnc#786036 FATE#314304).Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_core: Unmap UAR also in the case of error flowBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Don't use vlan tag value as an indication forBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21net/mlx4_en: Fix double-release-range in tx-rings (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Perform correct resource cleanup ifBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Remove annoying debug messages from SR-IOV flowBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21IB/mlx4: Synchronize cleanup of MCGs in MCG paravirtualizationBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21IB/mlx4: Fix QP1 P_Key processing in the Primary PhysicalBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21IB/mlx4: Fix build error on platforms where UL is not 64 bitsBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4_core: Adjust flow steering attach wrapper so that IBBenjamin Poirier
2013-02-21mlx4: dont orphan skbs in mlx4_en_xmit() (bnc#786036Benjamin Poirier