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2011-08-18* Refresh patches.suse/SUSE-bootsplash.rpm-3.0.0-4--openSUSE-12.1-Milestone5rpm-3.0.0-4Egbert Eich
* Fix bootsplash code for 15bpp framebuffers. These framebuffers are rare these days, the legendary and still popular server chipset Radeon ES1000 supports it, though.
2011-08-14Properly destroy pmsr devices:Thomas Renninger
Refresh patches.xen/xen-x86-msr-on-pcpu.
2011-08-12Update config files, enabling CONFIG_RT2800PCI as requested.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2011-08-09Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2011-08-09scripts/wd-functions.sh: Fix for 3.1 and adapt for new mirror in PragueMichal Marek
2011-08-09Update config files:Thomas Renninger
bnc#674988, change: -CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_METHOD=m +# CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_METHOD is not set for all flavors
2011-08-04scripts/sequence-patch.sh: Drop the --no-quilt optimization, it doesn'tMichal Marek
work with large series of patches.
2011-08-01Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2011-08-01rpm/modversions: Support for new genksyms format with E# tags for enumMichal Marek
2011-07-29tg3: Fix io failures after chip reset (bnc#705962).Jiri Slaby
2011-07-27Powerpc config adjustmentsMarcus Meissner
This makes CONFIG_POWER_SUPPLY=y like in the other architectures, it also disables the EHCA driver as gcc 4.6 currently fails to compile it correctly.
2011-07-25Fix format of patches to apply with series2git:Michal Marek
patches.arch/s390-message-catalog.diff patches.drivers/input-Add-LED-support-to-Synaptics-device patches.fixes/kvm-macos.patch patches.fixes/mm-Fix-assertion-mapping-nrpages-0-in-end_writeback.patch patches.fixes/nfs-slot-table-alloc patches.fixes/oom-warning patches.fixes/scsi-dh-alua-send-stpg patches.suse/0001-vfs-Hooks-for-more-fine-grained-directory-permission.patch patches.suse/0002-vfs-Add-generic-IS_ACL-test-for-acl-support.patch patches.suse/0015-ext4-Use-IS_POSIXACL-to-check-for-POSIX-ACL-support.patch patches.suse/0016-ext4-Implement-richacl-support-in-ext4.patch patches.suse/dm-mpath-no-activate-for-offlined-paths patches.suse/dm-mpath-no-partitions-feature patches.suse/no-frame-pointer-select patches.suse/no-partition-scan patches.suse/revert-x86-remove-warning-and-warning_symbol-from-struct-stacktrace_ops patches.suse/setuid-dumpable-wrongdir patches.suse/stack-unwind patches.suse/supported-flag-enterprise
2011-07-25Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2011-07-25mainline-commit: Fix for 3.0 finalMichal Marek
2011-07-25mainline-commit: Treat 3.0.0-rcX as 3.0-rcXMichal Marek
2011-07-25mainline-commit: Handle 3.xMichal Marek
2011-07-25mainline-commit: Fix kernel_version() to work with 3.0Michal Marek
2011-07-24fix crash in scsi_dispatch_cmd() (bnc#707853).Jiri Slaby
2011-07-22Merge branch 'scripts'Michal Marek
2011-07-22scripts/run_oldconfig.sh: Reuse answers to new config optionsMichal Marek
After a configuration is processed, the script will print the new config options and ask if they should be applied to all other configs, all configs for the same architecture or all configs for the same flavor. Signed-off-by: Michal Marek <mmarek@suse.cz>
2011-07-22Update to 3.0.Michal Marek
2011-07-21- Update Xen patches to 3.0-rc7 and c/s 1098.Jan Beulich
- Update Xen config files.
2011-07-18scripts/sequence-patch.sh: Fix the regexp for vanillaMichal Marek
2011-07-18tulip: Disable debugging messages by defaultJean Delvare
2011-07-15hv: only load the driver in a hyper-v guest (bnc#704957).Olaf Hering
2011-07-14Refresh patches.suse/SUSE-bootsplash. Fix for nouveau.Takashi Iwai
2011-07-14- ALSA: hda - Add Kconfig for the default buffer sizeTakashi Iwai
(bnc#682725). - Update config files. - Delete, replaced with the new upstream patch patches.drivers/alsa-hda-0019-Increase-default-buffer-size.
2011-07-12- Update to 3.0-rc7.Jeff Mahoney
2011-07-09- Delete patches.fixes/x86_mtrr_stop_machine_1_2.patch.Jiri Slaby
- Delete patches.fixes/x86_mtrr_use_stop_machine_2_2.patch. They were superseded by other patches in aa3d6e2b140aac24a432f830d30047b1842aed0b.
2011-07-06- Update to 3.0-rc6.Jeff Mahoney
- Eliminated 1 patch.
2011-07-05- Update Xen patches to 3.0-rc5 and c/s 1095.Jan Beulich
- xen: prepare tmem shim to handle frontswap. - support booting Xen from EFI (fate#311376, fate#311529, bnc#578927, bnc#628554). - config.conf: Re-enabled Xen flavors. - Update x86 config files. - Delete patches.xen/xen-blkback-bimodal-suse.
2011-07-04Fix invalid colormap override in SUSE-bootsplash patch (bnc#584493)Takashi Iwai
2011-06-29Merge branch 'master' of kerncvs.suse.de:/home/git/kernel-sourceJeff Mahoney
2011-06-29- Update to 3.0-rc5.Jeff Mahoney
2011-06-29TTY: ldisc, do not close until there are readers (bnc#698247Jiri Slaby
2011-06-23Enable TOMOYO (FATE#310292, bnc#668381).Jeff Mahoney
2011-06-21Update vanilla configs.Michal Marek
2011-06-21Update to 3.0-rc4Michal Marek
2011-06-21Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2011-06-20rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in:Olaf Hering
jobs is not defined for home: projects, use the new _smp_mflags to enable parallel build
2011-06-20rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in:Olaf Hering
Update comment, get the number of cpus from /proc/stat
2011-06-17Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2011-06-17- rpm/post.sh: Touch /boot/do_purge_kernels on package installMichal Marek
(fate#312018). - rpm/postun.sh: Remove it again if it still exists on package uninstall.
2011-06-17- stop_machine: implement stop_machine_from_offline_cpu()Thomas Renninger
(bnc#697859). - stop_machine: kill __stop_machine() (bnc#697859). - x86, mtrr: lock stop machine during MTRR rendezvous sequence (bnc#697859). - stop_machine: reorganize stop_cpus() implementation (bnc#697859). - x86, mtrr: use __stop_machine() for doing MTRR rendezvous (bnc#697859).
2011-06-16scripts/osc_wrapper: Create projects with repository called "standard"Michal Marek
The kernel packages should work on any distribution.
2011-06-16scripts/series2git: fix invalid date errorsRobert Richter
Fix date errors like the following: [...] skipping patches.kernel.org/patch- ...date: invalid date `Tue Sep 30 12:33:53 2008 +0200:' ...............................................date: invalid date `Mon Dec 7 16:38:33 2009 +0100' [...] Signed-off-by: Robert Richter <robert.richter@amd.com> Signed-off-by: Michal Marek <mmarek@suse.cz>
2011-06-16scripts/series2git: Really hide errors when converting Date headersMichal Marek
2011-06-16- Remove the novfs patches, it should be packaged as a KMP, orMichal Marek
ideally, reimplemented as a fuse filesystem (which is the reason why the current implementation it is never going to be accepted upstream). - Delete patches.fixes/novfs-copy_user-fixes.diff. - Delete patches.fixes/novfs-minsize-fixes. - Delete patches.fixes/novfs-nwcapi.patch. - Delete patches.suse/novfs-client-module. - Delete patches.suse/novfs-remove-bkl.
2011-06-16Update vanilla config files.Olaf Hering
2011-06-16rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in:Olaf Hering
jobs is not defined for home: projects, use the new _smp_mflags to enable parallel build