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2014-07-24Update config files: disable CONFIG_STE_MODEM_RPROCJean Delvare
2014-07-21Don't trigger congestion wait on dirty-but-not-writeout pagesJiri Slaby
2014-07-21config: sync vanilla configsJeff Mahoney
2014-07-21Update to 3.16-rc6.Jeff Mahoney
2014-07-21Update armv7hl config files for 3.16-rc5Jean Delvare
2014-07-21config: arm64: Update config for 3.16-rc3Andreas Färber
2014-07-21config: armv6hl: Update config for 3.16-rc3Andreas Färber
2014-07-21config: armv7hl: Update configs for 3.16-rc3Andreas Färber
2014-07-18Linux 3.15.6.Jiri Slaby
2014-07-14Update to 3.16-rc5.Jeff Mahoney
2014-07-11Update ppc config files: Disable ChromeOS driversJean Delvare
2014-07-10- Update patches.kernel.org/patch-3.15.4-5 (bnc#878489 bnc#882648Jiri Slaby
2014-07-10- Linux 3.15.5 (bnc#882648 bnc#883750).Jiri Slaby
2014-07-09Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2014-07-09rpm/package-descriptions: Drop descriptions for dropped flavorsMichal Marek
2014-07-09rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in, rpm/post(un).sh: Drop checks for dropped archs/fla...Michal Marek
2014-07-07xhci: Use correct SLOT ID when handling a reset device commandJiri Slaby
2014-07-07kbuild: Do not print the build directory with make -s.Michal Marek
2014-07-07Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2014-07-07rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: Delete the build-id links created by vdso_installMichal Marek
2014-07-07Update to 3.16-rc4.Jeff Mahoney
2014-07-07Linux 3.15.4.Jiri Slaby
2014-07-04Update config files: Disable CONFIG_DRM_I2C_NXP_TDA998XJean Delvare
2014-07-03- Update Xen patches to 3.16-rc3 and c/s 1261.Jan Beulich
2014-07-02DeleteJeff Mahoney
2014-07-02Update to 3.16-rc3.Jeff Mahoney
2014-07-02rpm/kernel-binary.spec.in: Build in a subdirectory of the source treeMichal Marek
2014-07-02- Linux 3.15.3.Jiri Slaby
2014-07-01Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2014-07-01rpm/compress-vmlinux.sh: Compress vmlinux after find-debuginfo.sh (bnc#884459)Michal Marek
2014-07-01net: fix circular dependency in of_mdio code.Jean Delvare
2014-07-01drm/msm: Replace type of paddr to uint32_t.Jean Delvare
2014-07-01drm/msm: Replace type of paddr to uint32_t.Jean Delvare
2014-06-30Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2014-06-30rpm/kernel-obs-build.spec.in: add support for aarch64Andreas Schwab
2014-06-27Linux 3.15.2.Jiri Slaby
2014-06-26Merge commit '44c0fc3c44f272d02b2d91002bfda0fd5e09f341' into stableJiri Slaby
2014-06-26Merge branch 'packaging'Michal Marek
2014-06-26rpm/old-flavors: Obsolete kernel-trace-base by kernel-defaultMichal Marek
2014-06-26rpm/old-flavors: Explicitly list subpackages to obsoleteMichal Marek
2014-06-25- patches.fixes/bridge-module-get-put.patch,Jan Beulich
2014-06-24config: disable X86_GOLDFISHJeff Mahoney
2014-06-24patches.suse/stack-unwind: VSYSCALL_START replaced with VSYSCALL_ADDR.Jeff Mahoney
2014-06-24Update to 3.16-rc2.Jeff Mahoney
2014-06-24Update to 3.16-rc1.Jeff Mahoney
2014-06-24fs/cifs: Fix broken pathnames with mapchars (bnc#883750).David Disseldorp
2014-06-24Refresh patch-mainline tagsDavid Disseldorp
2014-06-23Merge branch 'master' into stableJiri Slaby
2014-06-23asus-wmi: Set WAPF to 4 for Asus X550CA (bnc#882234).Jiri Slaby
2014-06-23rpm/post.sh: Also check for grub2 configMichal Marek