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2018-01-12nvme: Add more command status translation (FATE#323952,Johannes Thumshirn
2018-01-12scripts/git_sort/git_sort.py: add Jens Axboe's for-next branchJohannes Thumshirn
2018-01-12nvme_fc: correct hang in nvme_ns_remove() (bsc#1075811).Hannes Reinecke
2018-01-12nvme_fc: fix rogue admin cmds stalling teardown (bsc#1075811).Hannes Reinecke
2018-01-12- RefreshJiri Slaby
2018-01-12nvme: Fix NULL dereference on reservation request (FATE#323952,Johannes Thumshirn
2018-01-12RefreshJohannes Thumshirn
2018-01-12iw_cxgb4: only clear the ARMED bit if a notification is neededThomas Bogendoerfer
2018-01-12drm/i915/cfl: Adding more Coffee Lake PCI IDs (FATE#322643Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12x86/gpu: add CFL to early quirks (FATE#322643 bsc#1055900).Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: Apply Display WA #1183 on skl, kbl, and cflTakashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915/cnl: Map VBT DDC Pin to BSpec DDC Pin (FATE#322643Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: Pass encoder type to cnl_ddi_vswing_sequence()Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915/kbl: Change a KBL pci id to GT2 from GT1.5 (FATE#322643Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: rework IS_*_GT* macros (FATE#322643 bsc#1055900).Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: mark all device info struct with __initconstTakashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: add GT number to intel_device_info (FATE#322643Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12drm/i915: Unify GT* and GT3 definitions (FATE#322643Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12Delete buggy i915 WA#1133Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12ibmvnic: Don't handle RX interrupts when not up (bsc#1075066).Michal Suchanek
2018-01-12powerpc/tm: Flush TM only if CPU has TM feature (bsc#1075746).Michal Suchanek
2018-01-12scripts/git_sort: fix Patch-mainline generated for untagged mainline commitsMichal Kubecek
2018-01-12Merge branch 'users/tbogendoerfer/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12enic: Add support for 'ethtool -g/-G' (bsc#1037697).Thomas Bogendoerfer
2018-01-12enic: reset fetch index (bsc#1037697).Thomas Bogendoerfer
2018-01-12Merge branch 'users/jslaby/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-01-12- bpf: prevent out-of-bounds speculation (bsc#1068032Jiri Slaby
2018-01-12Merge branch 'users/mgorman/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-01-11Merge branch 'users/msuchanek/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-01-11bnxt_en: Fix the 'Invalid VF' id check in bnxt_vf_ndo_prepThomas Bogendoerfer
2018-01-11bnxt_en: Fix population of flow_type inThomas Bogendoerfer
2018-01-11powerpc/powernv: Check device-tree for RFI flush settingsMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/pseries: Query hypervisor for RFI flush settingsMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: Support disabling RFI flush with no_rfi_flushMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: Add support for RFI flush of L1-D cacheMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: Convert slb_miss_common to use RFI_TO_USER/KERNELMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64: Convert fast_exception_return to useMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64: Convert the syscall exit path to useMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: Simple RFI macro conversions (bsc#1068032).Michal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64: Add macros for annotating the destination ofMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/pseries: Add H_GET_CPU_CHARACTERISTICS flags & wrapperMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: masked_interrupt() returns to kernel so avoidMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/64s: Add EX_SIZE definition for paca exception saveMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11ibmvnic: Fix pending MAC address changes (bsc#1075627).Michal Suchanek
2018-01-11powerpc/pseries: Make RAS IRQ explicitly dependent on DLPAR WQMichal Suchanek
2018-01-11RefreshMel Gorman
2018-01-11Refresh patches.drivers/mfd-Add-support-for-Cherry-Trail-Dollar-Cove-TI-PMIC ...Takashi Iwai
2018-01-11ALSA: pcm: Allow aborting mutex lock at OSS read/write loopsTakashi Iwai
2018-01-11ALSA: pcm: Abort properly at pending signal in OSS read/writeTakashi Iwai
2018-01-11ALSA: aloop: Fix racy hw constraints adjustment (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai