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2018-08-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE15' into SLE12-SP4rpm-4.12.14-94.35--SLE-12-SP4-Server-Beta4rpm-4.12.14-94.35--SLE-12-SP4-SAP-Beta4rpm-4.12.14-94.35--SLE-12-SP4-HPC-Beta4rpm-4.12.14-94.35--SLE-12-SP4-Desktop-Beta4rpm-4.12.14-94.35Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-24Merge branch 'users/tbogendoerfer/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-08-24ixgbe: Refactor queue disable logic to take completion timeThomas Bogendoerfer
2018-08-24ixgbe: Reorder Tx/Rx shutdown to reduce time needed to stopThomas Bogendoerfer
2018-08-24arm64: Update config files.Matthias Brugger
2018-08-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/mbrugger/SLE12-SP4/for-next' into ...Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-24arm64: Update config files.Matthias Brugger
2018-08-24arm64: gicv3: its: Increase FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER for CaviumMatthias Brugger
2018-08-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/users/rgoldwyn/SLE12-SP4/for-next' into ...Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-24ACPI/IORT: Remove temporary iort_get_id_mapping_index() ACPICAMatthias Brugger
2018-08-24ACPICA: iasl: Add SMMUv3 device ID mapping index supportMatthias Brugger
2018-08-24qlge: Fix netdev features configuration (bsc#1098822).Benjamin Poirier
2018-08-24Cleanup out-of-tree subsectionBenjamin Poirier
2018-08-23fuse: Add missed unlock_page() to fuse_readpages_fill()Goldwyn Rodrigues
2018-08-23fuse: Fix oops at process_init_reply() (bsc#1105806).Goldwyn Rodrigues
2018-08-23fuse: umount should wait for all requests (bsc#1105806).Goldwyn Rodrigues
2018-08-23powerpc/perf: Remove sched_task function defined for thread-imcMichal Suchanek
2018-08-23powerpc/perf: Fix memory allocation for core-imc based onMichal Suchanek
2018-08-23powerpc/perf: Fix IMC allocation routine (bsc#1054914).Michal Suchanek
2018-08-23UpdateMichal Suchanek
2018-08-23powerpc/64s: Fix compiler store ordering to SLB shadow areaMichal Suchanek
2018-08-23serial: enable spi in sc16is7xx driverMian Yousaf Kaukab
2018-08-23mfd: lpc_ich: Do not touch SPI-NOR write protection bit onTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23spi-nor: intel-spi: Fix number of protected range registersTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23mei: me: enable asynchronous probing (FATE#326580).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23HID: i2c-hid: Add no-irq-after-reset quirk for 0911:5288 deviceTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23drm/i915/audio: Fix audio enumeration issue on BXTTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23Fix kABI breakage with ath9k MSI support (FATE#326580).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23ath9k: add MSI support (FATE#326580).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23drm/i915: Restore user forcewake domains across suspend (bsc#1100132).rpm-4.12.14-25.16--sle15-updatesrpm-4.12.14-25.16Thomas Zimmermann
2018-08-23s390: Prevent hotplug rwsem recursion (bsc#1105731).Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Johannes Thumshirn
2018-08-23drm/i915/cfl: Add a new CFL PCI ID (FATE#322643).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23drm/i915/aml: Introducing Amber Lake platform (FATE#322643).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23drm/i915/whl: Introducing Whiskey Lake platform (FATE#322643).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23ppp: Destroy the mutex when cleanup (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23ppp: fix __percpu annotation (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-23PM / sleep: wakeup: Fix build error caused by missing SRCUTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: Proper model/release matchingTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23mfd: sm501: Set coherent_dma_mask when creating subdevicesTakashi Iwai
2018-08-23mfd: arizona: Don't use regmap_read_poll_timeout (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-22Merge branch '/users/ykaukab/SLE15/for-next' into SLE15Takashi Iwai
2018-08-22irqdomain: Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference inMian Yousaf Kaukab
2018-08-22arm64: enable thunderx gpio driverMian Yousaf Kaukab
2018-08-22isdn: Disable IIOCDBGVAR (bsc#1051510).Takashi Iwai
2018-08-22Fix kABI breakage with removing field addition to power_supplyTakashi Iwai
2018-08-22gpio: thunderx: fix error return code in thunderx_gpio_probe()Mian Yousaf Kaukab
2018-08-22gpio: thunderx: remove unused .map() hook from irq_domain_opsMian Yousaf Kaukab
2018-08-22gpio: Add gpio driver support for ThunderX and OCTEON-TXMian Yousaf Kaukab