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2017-04-29Merge branch 'users/colyli/SLE12-SP3/for-sp3-next' into SLE12-SP3rpm-4.4.63-1Takashi Iwai
2017-04-30- md: clear WantReplacement once disk is removed (FATE#321488).Coly Li
2017-04-28Merge branch 'users/mbrugger/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
2017-04-28arm64: Update config files.Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28Revert "arm64: huawei: refresh mbigen patches"Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28Merge branch 'users/msuchanek/SLE12-SP3/for-next' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
2017-04-28Merge branch 'SLE12-SP2' into SLE12-SP3Takashi Iwai
2017-04-28kexec: arm64: Add kernel parameter to enable kexecMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28Documentation: dt: chosen properties for arm64 kdumpMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28Documentation: kdump: describe arm64 port (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kdump: provide /proc/vmcore file (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kdump: add VMCOREINFO's for user-space toolsMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kdump: implement machine_crash_shutdown() (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: hibernate: preserve kdump image around hibernationMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kdump: protect crash dump kernel memory (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: mm: add set_memory_valid() (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kdump: reserve memory for crash dump kernelMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: limit memory regions based on DT property,Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28memblock: add memblock_cap_memory_range() (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28memblock: add memblock_clear_nomap() (fate#320671).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: relocation testing module (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64:acpi: fix the acpi alignment exception when 'mem='Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28mm/memblock.c: add new infrastructure to address the mem limitMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: ptdump: Indicate whether memory should be faultingMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: Add support for ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOCMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28efi/libstub/arm*: Set default address and size cells valuesMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64/kexec: Add pr_debug output (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64/kexec: Enable kexec in the arm64 defconfig (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64/kexec: Add core kexec support (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: Add new asm macro copy_page (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: kernel: Include _AC definition in page.h (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: Fold proc-macros.S into assembler.h (fate#320672).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28arm64: Set UTS_MACHINE in the Makefile (bsc#1010032).Matthias Brugger
2017-04-28DeleteMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28net: hns: support deferred probe when no mdioMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28net: hns: support deferred probe when can not obtain irqMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28net: hns: fix ethtool_get_strings overflow in hns driverMatthias Brugger
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Use Instruction Counter value (fate#321438,Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Fix perf_get_data_addr() for power9 DD1Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Handle sdar_mode for marked event in power9Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Avoid FAB_*_MATCH checks for power9 (fate#321438,Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Add restrictions to PMC5 in power9 DD1Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Use PM_INST_DISP for generic instructions sampleMichal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Add alternative event table and function forMichal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Add PM_INST_DISP event to Power9 event listMichal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Factor out event_alternative functionMichal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: Use MSR to report privilege level on P9 DD1Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: macros for power9 format encoding (fate#321438,Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: power9 raw event format encoding (fate#321438,Michal Suchanek
2017-04-28powerpc/perf: update attribute_group data structureMichal Suchanek