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2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/ykaukab/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2rpm-5.3.6-1--SLE-15-SP2-Full-Alpha5rpm-5.3.6-1Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/vbabka/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/jroedel/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Update patches.suse/supported-flag references (add bsc#974406).Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16kvm: x86, powerpc: do not allow clearing largepages debugfsJoerg Roedel
2019-10-16pinctrl: rockchip: Mark expected switch fall-throughMian Yousaf Kaukab
2019-10-16- Refresh patches.suse/supported-flag.Libor Pechacek
2019-10-16arm64: cn99xx: enable patches for silicon revision Ax erratumMian Yousaf Kaukab
2019-10-16mm, page_owner: rename flag indicating that page is allocatedVlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, page_owner: decouple freeing stack trace fromVlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, page_owner: fix off-by-one error inVlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, page_owner, debug_pagealloc: save and dump freeing stackVlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, page_owner: keep owner info when freeing the page (jsc#SLE-8959,Vlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, page_owner: record page owner for each subpage (jsc#SLE-8959,Vlastimil Babka
2019-10-16mm, compaction: fix wrong pfn handling inVlastimil Babka
2019-10-16Delete patches.suse/x86-mm-fix-fast-gup-paravirt.patch.Vlastimil Babka
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/ptesarik/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/oneukum/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Fix Patch-mainline tags:Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/nborisov/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/msuchanek/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16config: refresh after dependency changesMichal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/dwagner/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-16series.conf: cleanupMichal Kubecek
2019-10-16Merge branch 'users/bpetkov/SLE15-SP2/for-next' into SLE15-SP2Michal Kubecek
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Add port_id getter (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Remove always false 'tmp_prio < 0' statementDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Update the version to (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Fix race betwen fipvlan request and response pathDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Use discovery list to traverse rportsDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Decrease the LL2 MTU size to 2500 (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Check for module unloading bit before processingDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Initiator fails to re-login to switch after linkDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Add debug information for unsolicited processingDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Add support for 20 Gbps speed (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Interpret supported caps value correctlyDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Add shutdown callback handler (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Update module description string (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Fix crash during sg_reset (jsc#SLE-9711).Daniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Stop sending fipvlan request on unloadDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15scsi: qedf: Print message during bailout conditionsDaniel Wagner
2019-10-15x86/cpu: Add Comet Lake to the Intel CPU models headerBorislav Petkov
2019-10-15soundwire: depend on ACPI || OF (bsc#1148868).Michal Suchanek
2019-10-15soundwire: depend on ACPI (bsc#1148868).Michal Suchanek
2019-10-15Merge branch 'scripts' into SLE15-SP2Michal Suchanek
2019-10-15btrfs: Remove metadata_uuid patchesNikolay Borisov
2019-10-15UpdateJiri Slaby
2019-10-15git_sort.py: add soundwire repo.Michal Suchanek
2019-10-15- Delete patches.suse/0201-merge-tag-exynos-drm-fixes-for-v4-12.Petr Tesarik
2019-10-15qla2xxx: Enable T10-DIF with FC-NVMe enabled (jsc#SLE-9714Daniel Wagner