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3 hoursAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5-271-g371dd432ab39vanillaKernel Build Daemon
27 hoursAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5-201-g6d906f998179Kernel Build Daemon
2 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5-170-ge53f31bffe1dKernel Build Daemon
3 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5-36-g444fe9913539Kernel Build Daemon
4 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5-10-g618d919cae2fKernel Build Daemon
5 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc5Kernel Build Daemon
6 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-255-g4443f8e6ac77Kernel Build Daemon
7 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-207-g6d0a598489caKernel Build Daemon
8 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-62-g2d06b235815eKernel Build Daemon
8 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
9 daysDo not provide kernel-default from kernel-default-base (boo#1132154, ↵packagingMichal Suchanek
bsc#1106751). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
9 daysrpm/kernel-subpackage-spec: only provide firmware actually present inMichal Suchanek
9 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-58-g582549e3fbe1Kernel Build Daemon
9 daysMerge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
10 dayskernel-subpackage-spec: Add dummy package to ensure subpackages areMichal Suchanek
rebuilt with kernel update (bsc#1106751). In factory packages are not rebuilt automatically so a dependency is needed on the old kernel to get a rebuild with the new kernel. THe subpackage itself cannot depend on the kernel so add another empty pacakge that does depend on it. Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
10 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-43-g771acc7e4a6eKernel Build Daemon
11 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-34-g869e3305f23dKernel Build Daemon
12 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc4-3-gfd008d1a7a20Kernel Build Daemon
13 daysAutomatically updated to 5.1-rc3-264-gfaac51ddac45Kernel Build Daemon
2019-04-06Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3-251-gf654f0fc0bd3Kernel Build Daemon
2019-04-05Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3-206-gea2cec24c8d4Kernel Build Daemon
2019-04-04Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3-40-g145f47c7381dKernel Build Daemon
2019-04-03Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3-22-ga816fd6b49b6Kernel Build Daemon
2019-04-02Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3-14-g5e7a8ca31926Kernel Build Daemon
2019-04-01Automatically updated to 5.1-rc3Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-31Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-470-gb5c8314f0ebaKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-30Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-383-g922c010cf236Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-29Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-247-g9936328b41ceKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-28Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-208-g1a9df9e29c2aKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-27Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-24-g14c741de9386Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-26Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2-1-ga3ac7917b730Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-25Automatically updated to 5.1-rc2Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-24Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1-125-g1bdd3dbfff7aKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-23Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1-100-ga5ed1e96cafdKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-23Merge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-22Do not provide kernel-default-srchash from kernel-default-base.Michal Suchanek
Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-22Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1-66-gfd1f297b794cKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-21Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1-29-g54c490164523Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-21Merge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-20rpm/kernel-subpackage-build: handle arm kernel zImage.Michal Suchanek
2019-03-20Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1-15-gbabf09c3837fKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-18Automatically updated to 5.1-rc1Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-18Merge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-18Trim build dependencies of sample subpackage spec file (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-4117, jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-17Automatically updated to 5.0-11998-ga9dce6679d73Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-16Automatically updated to 5.0-11906-g9c7dc824d9a4Kernel Build Daemon
2019-03-16Merge branch 'packaging' into vanillaKernel Build Daemon
2019-03-15Add sample kernel-default-base spec file (FATE#326579, jsc#SLE-4117,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-15Install extra rpm scripts for kernel subpackaging (FATE#326579,Michal Suchanek
jsc#SLE-4117, jsc#SLE-3853, bsc#1128910). Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek@suse.de>
2019-03-15Remove the previous subpackage infrastructure.Michal Suchanek
This partially reverts commit 9b3ca32c11854156b2f950ff5e26131377d8445e ("Add kernel-subpackage-build.spec (FATE#326579).")