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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SLE12-SP4Merge branch 'SLE15' into SLE12-SP4Kernel Build Daemon31 hours
SLE12-SP5UpdateOliver Neukum3 days
SLE12-SP5-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE12-SP5' into SLE12-SP5-AZUREKernel Build Daemon2 days
SLE12-SP5-UPDATEUpdateOliver Neukum3 days
SLE15Remove unused function in patches.suse/ext4-unsupported-features.patch.Jan Kara46 hours
SLE15-AZUREMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-AZUREKernel Build Daemon31 hours
masterLinux 5.3.1 (bnc#1012628).Jiri Slaby23 hours
openSUSE-15.0Merge branch 'SLE15' into openSUSE-15.0Kernel Build Daemon31 hours
stableMerge branch 'master' into stableJiri Slaby23 hours
vanillaAutomatically updated to 5.3-10779-gf97c81dc6ca5Kernel Build Daemon26 hours
v5.3.1commit c9a59a8236...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
v5.2.17commit 5e408889e4...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
v4.19.75commit d573e8a79f...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
v4.14.146commit f6e27dbb1a...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
v4.9.194commit 1b2be6d75a...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
v4.4.194commit 5f090d837b...Greg Kroah-Hartman31 hours
rpm-4.12.14-197.18commit 650651baa9...Kernel Build Daemon44 hours
rpm-4.12.14-150.35commit e37d750a4b...Kernel Build Daemon2 days
rpm-4.12.14-95.32commit 9172165d09...Kernel Build Daemon2 days
rpm-5.3.rc7-1commit da575ca277...Kernel Build Daemon2 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-08Linux 4.14.117v4.14.117Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-05-08mm/kmemleak.c: fix unused-function warningArnd Bergmann
2019-05-08media: v4l2: i2c: ov7670: Fix PLL bypass register valuesJacopo Mondi
2019-05-08i2c: i2c-stm32f7: Fix SDADEL minimum formulaNicolas Le Bayon
2019-05-08clk: x86: Add system specific quirk to mark clocks as criticalDavid Müller
2019-05-08x86/mce: Improve error message when kernel cannot recover, p2Tony Luck
2019-05-08powerpc/mm/hash: Handle mmap_min_addr correctly in get_unmapped_area topdown ...Aneesh Kumar K.V
2019-05-08selinux: never allow relabeling on context mountsOndrej Mosnacek
2019-05-08Input: stmfts - acknowledge that setting brightness is a blocking callDmitry Torokhov
2019-05-08Input: snvs_pwrkey - initialize necessary driver data before enabling IRQAnson Huang