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21 hoursMerge branch 'users/jack/SLE15-SP1/for-next' into SLE15-SP1SLE15-SP1Petr Tesarik
4 daysscsi: qedf: fully convert to the generic DMA API (FATE#325893,Johannes Thumshirn
4 dayslibnvdimm, pmem: Fix badblocks population for 'raw' namespacesJan Kara
4 daysfilesystem-dax: Fix dax_layout_busy_page() livelockJan Kara
4 daysMerge branch 'users/tbogendoerfer/SLE15-SP1/for-next' into SLE15-SP1Petr Tesarik
4 daysUpdate config files: Remove s390x 31-bit compatibility (FATE#325652).Petr Tesarik
4 daysMerge branch 'SLE15' into SLE15-SP1Petr Tesarik
4 dayss390/sclp: Allow to request adapter reset (FATE#326826,Petr Tesarik
4 daysFix references from bsc#1113508 (wrong) to bsc#1113480 (correct).Petr Tesarik
4 daysigb: fix uninitialized variables (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: shorten maximum PHC timecounter update intervalThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: shorten maximum PHC timecounter update intervalThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: remove ndo_poll_controller (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Replace mdelay() with msleep() inThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Replace GFP_ATOMIC with GFP_KERNEL in igb_sw_init()Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Remove unnecessary include of <linux/pci-aspm.h>Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigbvf: netdev: Mark expected switch fall-through (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: e1000_phy: Mark expected switch fall-through (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: e1000_82575: Mark expected switch fall-throughThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb_main: Mark expected switch fall-throughs (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Use dma_wmb() instead of wmb() before doorbell writesThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Remove superfluous reset to PHY and page 0 selectionThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Only call skb_tx_timestamp after descriptors are readyThomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Refactor igb_offload_cbs() (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Only change Tx arbitration when CBS is on (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysigb: Refactor igb_configure_cbs() (bsc#1117495).Thomas Bogendoerfer
4 daysnet/smc: retain old name for diag_mode field (git-fixes).Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: use __aligned_u64 for 64-bit smc_diag fieldsPetr Tesarik
4 daysmlx4: trigger IB events needed by SMC (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: unregister rkeys of unused buffer (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: add infrastructure to send delete rkey messagesPetr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: avoid a delay by waiting for nothing (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: cleanup listen worker mutex unlocking (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: short wait for late smc_clc_wait_msg (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: no link delete for a never active link (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: allow fallback after clc timeouts (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: remove sock_error detour in clc-functions (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: make smc_lgr_free() static (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: cleanup tcp_listen_worker initialization (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: use after free fix in smc_wr_tx_put_slot()Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: atomic SMCD cursor handling (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: add SMC-D shutdown signal (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: use queue pair number when matching link groupPetr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: abort CLC connection in smc_release (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 dayss390/ism: clear dmbe_mask bit before SMC IRQ handlingPetr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: fix smc_buf_unuse to use the lgr pointer (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: fix sizeof to int comparison (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: no urgent data check for listen sockets (FATE#325698,Petr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: enable fallback for connection abort in state INITPetr Tesarik
4 daysnet/smc: remove duplicate mutex_unlock (FATE#325698, LTC#167867,Petr Tesarik