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2002-08-01Linux v2.5.30v2.5.30Linus Torvalds
2002-07-31Fix missing semicolon from gendisk work.Linus Torvalds
2002-07-31Merge bk://ldm.bkbits.net/linux-2.5-driverfs-apiLinus Torvalds
2002-07-31Undo d_drop removal at Trond's requestLinus Torvalds
2002-07-31[PATCH] split "gendisk" to be per-disk, part 2Alexander Viro
2002-07-31[PATCH] split "gendisk" to be per-disk, part 1Alexander Viro
2002-07-31[PATCH] Get rid of per-partition blk_size[]Alexander Viro
2002-07-31AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-07-31Merge bk://linux-input.bkbits.net/linux-inputLinus Torvalds
2002-07-31[PATCH] [PATCH[ 8139cp comment fixFelipe Damasio
2002-07-31[PATCH] sanitize TLS APIIngo Molnar
2002-07-31Merge with Rusty 'trivial' RussellLinus Torvalds
2002-07-31[PATCH] small region change for boardergo.cWilliam Stinson
2002-07-31[PATCH] documentation typos inChristoph Hellwig
2002-07-31[PATCH] Typos in linux_arch_i386_kernel_io_apic.cJames Mayer
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH 2.5: kconfig missing EXPERIMENTAL 4 (1_4)Greg Banks
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH 2.5: kconfig spurious EXPERIMENTAL 3 (1_2)Greg Banks
2002-07-31[PATCH] using ptr after kfree()Marcus Alanen
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH 2.5: kconfig spurious bool default value (1_3)Greg Banks
2002-07-31Merge osdl.org:/home/mochel/src/kernel/devel/linux-2.5-virginPatrick Mochel
2002-07-31[PATCH] 2.5 Trivial patch - 1400x1050 video mode added twice in 2.5.28rfjak@eircom.net
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH 2.5: kconfig spurious EXPERIMENTAL 3 (2_2)Greg Banks
2002-07-31[PATCH] fix warningAnton Blanchard
2002-07-31[PATCH] small region change for baycom_ser_hdx.cWilliam Stinson
2002-07-31[PATCH] silence APIC errors a bitChristoph Hellwig
2002-07-31[PATCH] ftape bitops -> long fixMikael Pettersson
2002-07-31[PATCH] Typo in linux_net_sched_sch_ingress.cJames Mayer
2002-07-31[PATCH] explicit signed char cast in i386 spin_is_lockedChristoph Hellwig
2002-07-31[PATCH] designated initializer patches forArt Haas
2002-07-31[PATCH] reparent scsi new-EH threads to initChristoph Hellwig
2002-07-31[PATCH] drm_mga bitops -> long fixMikael Pettersson
2002-07-31[PATCH] fix compile warningAnton Blanchard
2002-07-31[PATCH] Export synchronize_irq on CONFIG_SMP=yTom Rini
2002-07-31[PATCH] Fix typo in net_ipv4_ipconfig.cThiemo Seufer
2002-07-31[PATCH] Fix typo in mm_slab.cThiemo Seufer
2002-07-31[PATCH] Mark sparc32 unmaintained in 2.5Rusty Russell
2002-07-31[PATCH] region changes for rocketWilliam Stinson
2002-07-31[PATCH] typo in fs_ufs_super.c:ufs_fill_super()Mikael Pettersson
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH 2.5: kconfig EXPERIMENTAL variant formGreg Banks
2002-07-31[PATCH] PATCH: kconfig choice defaults 2 (3_3)Greg Banks
2002-07-31[PATCH] remove declaration of __free_pte()William Lee Irwin III
2002-07-31[PATCH] update dqblk_xfs.h inclusion guardsChristoph Hellwig
2002-07-31[PATCH] Adaptec Starfire config fixMatthew Dobson
2002-07-31[PATCH] swsusp: comment updates and warning fixesPavel Machek
2002-07-31[PATCH] swsusp: Vojtech pointed error in usb/hub.cPavel Machek
2002-07-31driverfs: define struct driverfs_ops and remove struct device dependenciesPatrick Mochel
2002-07-31[PATCH] parport_serial/serial init dependenciesZwane Mwaikambo
2002-07-31[PATCH] C99 initializers for mmHugh Dickins
2002-07-31Merge http://suncobalt.bkbits.net/submit-2.5Linus Torvalds
2002-07-31Merge bk://ldm.bkbits.net/linux-2.5-driverfsLinus Torvalds