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2002-02-10update versionv2.5.4Linus Torvalds
2002-02-10Merge master.kernel.org:/home/davem/BK/davem-2.5Linus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2002-02-10Merge penguin:v2.5/linuxLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2002-02-10[PATCH] check copy_from_user return codes in serial drivers.Dave Jones
forward-ported from 2.4
2002-02-09[PATCH] preempt-kernel on UP compile fixRobert Love
A recent scheduler change looks to of affected this, and I missed it since I did my last testing on SMP only. Please, apply. Robert Love
2002-02-09[PATCH] preemptible kernel documentation, etcv2.5.4-pre6Robert Love
Linus, The attached patch adds a Documentation/preempt-locking.txt file which describes the new locking rules wrt preemptive kernels (ie, watch per-CPU data, etc). It also updates a CREDITS entry and adds some comments. Patch is against 2.5.4-pre5, please apply. Robert Love
2002-02-09[PATCH] yet another lseek fixRobert Love
Another lseek fix, spotted by Dave Hansen @ IBM. Missing a corresponding lock_kernel for an unlock_kernel. Patch against 2.5.4-pre5, please apply. Thanks, Robert Love
2002-02-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-02-10Merge vaio.(none):/home/kai/kernel/linux-2.5.isdn.link_orderKai Germaschewski
into vaio.(none):/home/kai/kernel/linux-2.5.isdn
2002-02-10Link ISDN after USB. Otherwise, when builtin, the ST5481 USB ISDNKai Germaschewski
adapter driver initializes before the USB layer -> Oops
2002-02-10rename built-in ISDN object to vmlinux-obj.oKai Germaschewski
(was isdn.a before, but there's no need to use an archive here)
2002-02-10add missing "\n" in printk statements.Kai Germaschewski
2002-02-10remove CONFIG_ISDN entries from arch/Config.help - The real entry isKai Germaschewski
in drivers/isdn/Config.help
2002-02-09Merge hostme.bitkeeper.com:/ua/repos/g/gkernel/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
into hostme.bitkeeper.com:/ua/repos/g/gkernel/alpha-2.5
2002-02-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-02-09Update alpha defconfig to the options available in 2.5.4-pre5.Jeff Garzik
2002-02-09Merge http://gkernel.bkbits.net/net-drivers-2.5Jeff Garzik
into rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/net-drivers-2.5
2002-02-09Merge rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
into rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/net-drivers-2.5
2002-02-09Clean up sparc64 buildDavid S. Miller
2002-02-09Various bugfixes to sync with 2.4 version:James Bottomley
- Fix bug in scripts that was causing CDRW hang - add sense buffer length initialisation - update lasi700 to new driver model and fix rmmod hang - add correct MCA reporting to D700 driver
2002-02-09Add CONFIG_PREEMPTION.David S. Miller
2002-02-09Sparc64 preemption support.David S. Miller
2002-02-09Merge http://gkernel.bkbits.net/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
into hostme.bitkeeper.com:/ua/repos/g/gkernel/net-drivers-2.5
2002-02-09Build fixes for sparc64 outside of sparc64 specific files.David S. Miller
2002-02-09Sparc64 thread_info implementation.David S. Miller
2002-02-09[PATCH] ->s_id cleanupsAlexander Viro
Patch converts a bunch of places that hadn't been caught when ->s_id was introduced. Please, apply.
2002-02-09[PATCH] affs cleanupAlexander Viro
affs digs in blk_size[] to find the size of device (it has its analog of superblock living in the middle of disk). That information is available in ->s_bdev->bd_inode->i_size - no need to mess with major/minor/arrays to get it.
2002-02-09[PATCH] /proc/modules cleanup (seq_file, again)Alexander Viro
/proc/modules switched to use of seq_file, cleaned up.
2002-02-09[PATCH] /proc/slabinfo cleanup (seq_...)Alexander Viro
Straightforward rewrite to seq_file.
2002-02-09[PATCH] fix for typo in ext2_new_inode()Alexander Viro
Please, apply. Otherwise we eat quota like there's no tomorrow ;-/
2002-02-09Merge rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/linus-2.5Jeff Garzik
into rum.normnet.org:/spare/vanilla/net-drivers-2.5
2002-02-09[PATCH] Make cardbus device_register workPeter Osterlund
It compiles in -pre5 but doesn't work unless you also apply the patch below. Without this patch, bus_id will be empty which makes device_register fail.
2002-02-08defconfig:Linus Torvalds
2002-02-08Merge home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/preemptLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2002-02-08[PATCH] includes cleanup, 2nd try.Dave Jones
Big bits first, I'll redo the smaller bits tomorrow after some sleep. Same as last time, rediffed against pre5
2002-02-08update versionLinus Torvalds
2002-02-08Merge penguin:v2.5/linuxLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2002-02-08[PATCH] 2.5.4pre5 scsi/aha1542.c & DMA changesPaul Gortmaker
There are a couple of errors in the DMA changes to the aha1542.c driver that appeared in 2.5.4pre3: - a typo (BUF vs BUS) - a macro handed a page instead of a scatterlist - printk format length mismatch Paul.
2002-02-08Make AGP on x86 work temporarily while waiting for the proper fix.Linus Torvalds
2002-02-08[PATCH] driverfs - preparation to fixesAlexander Viro
Make dentry and ->i_sem manipulations in driverfs explicit. Something is seriously rotten there and real fixes will take non-trivial work (e.g, I suspect that we actually ought to kill driverfs_rename() - at least cross-directory one for regular files, maybe completely). This patch simply cleans the ground.
2002-02-08[PATCH] fs/ext2/balloc.c cleanupAlexander Viro
Mostly cosmetical cleanup - sane variable names, etc. That's pretty much it for balloc.c cleanups - stuff after that will be about decent threading.
2002-02-08[PATCH] ext2_new_block() cleanupAlexander Viro
in ext2_new_block() inode->i_sb can't be NULL. Dead code removed. merged returns in ext2_new_block() in ext2_new_block() added a local variable (sbi) for sb->u.ext2_sb; users converted. calculation of prealloc_goal moved into beginning of function. new local variable (block). Initialized to 0, set to the number of allocated block only when we are known to be successful. ext2_new_block() returns the value of 'block' now. As the result, out: is gone - it's identical to out_unlock now. check for block being chosen past the end of disk had been moved up No sense to check that after we had done the preallocations... quota allocation taken into the beginning of ext2_new_block(). we put the number of blocks we'd reserved into dq_alloc and then decrement it each time old code would do DQUOT_ALLOC/increment when it would do DQUOT_FREE. On the exit we release dq_alloc blocks I.e. all allocations are pushed into the beginning and all freeing - to the end. now that we had moved the last possible point of failure up, we can do the same with assignment of final result to block. code that does allocation within a group had been taken out into a helper - grab_block(map, size, goal). decrementing fs-wide free blocks count moved into the beginning of function. We try to reserve up to dq_alloc blocks - amount we _can_ grab is limited by the actual free space and root-reserved percentage. That logics had been taken into a helper - reserve_blocks(sb, amount). Number of blocks we had managed to reserve is put into es_alloc. When we actually grab a block, es_alloc is decremented. Upon the exit we release the leftovers. Old code didn't honor 'reserved for root' limit when doing prealloc - now that had been fixed. EXT2_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP(sb) put into a local variable (group_size) similar "reserve and release leftovers in the end" scheme for group (i.e. we try to reserve as much as we want in the group, then count how much had been used up and release the leftovers in the end). cleaned up the preallocation loop.
2002-02-08[PATCH] (5/5) ext2_free_blocks() cleanupAlexander Viro
minor cleanup: update 'freed' only after we finish with group
2002-02-08[PATCH] (4/5) ext2_free_blocks() cleanupAlexander Viro
in ext2_free_blocks() inode->i_sb can't be NULL; dead code removed.
2002-02-08[PATCH] (3/5) ext2_free_blocks() cleanupAlexander Viro
new helper - group_release_blocks(desc, bh, count); updates free blocks count for given group ext2_free_blocks now counts the blocks freed in group and updates the per-group free blocks count at once.
2002-02-08[PATCH] (2/5) ext2_free_blocks() cleanupAlexander Viro
we postpone releasing the quota until the end of ext2_free_blocks() and do that at once.
2002-02-08[PATCH] (1/5) ext2_free_blocks() cleanupAlexander Viro
new helper function - release_blocks(sb, n); in ext2_free_blocks() we count the blocks we'd freed and update the fs-wide count of free blocks in the end - just before unlocking superblock. instead of doing that step at a time. reviewed by ext2 folks
2002-02-08[PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Preemptible Kernel for 2.5Robert Love
On Sat, 2002-02-09 at 01:43, Linus Torvalds wrote: > That will clean up all your issues with header file ordering. You are right, it did. I removed all the sched.h dependencies and this reduced the size of the patch greatly. I now use current_thread_info() and none of the header or include hackery from before. I've tested this with and without preemption enabled with success. I appreciate your help with this. Again, this is a minimal i386-only patch. I have other arches, documentation, etc. Patch against 2.5.4-pre5. Enjoy, Robert Love
2002-02-08Add pci ids found in 2.4.18-pre9's version of eepro100 net driverJeff Garzik
to the current driver.
2002-02-08Update eepro100 net driver pci id list, at the prompting ofJeff Garzik
Andrew Morton and Hanno Boeck. Three constants are substituted with their numeric equivalents, a reverse of the norm, to make the linear progression of PCI ids more clear, and easier to validate at a glance.