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2003-03-04Linux 2.5.64v2.5.64Linus Torvalds
2003-03-04[PATCH] More IEEE1394 updatesBen Collins
2003-03-03Fix up sunrpc for the dentry hash list changes.Linus Torvalds
2003-03-03Merge penguin.transmeta.com:/home/penguin/torvalds/repositories/kernel/hlistLinus Torvalds
2003-03-03[PATCH] dcache/inode hlist patchkitAndi Kleen
2003-03-03Merge bk://ldm.bkbits.net/linux-2.5-coreLinus Torvalds
2003-03-04Merge osdl.org:/home/mochel/src/kernel/devel/linux-2.5-virginPatrick Mochel
2003-03-04sysfs: Register filesystems with sysfs.Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03driver model: implement platform_match()Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03sysfs: initialize from fs/namespace.c::mnt_init().Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03driver model: Make initialization explicit.Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03[PATCH] IEEE1394 ioctl allocation documentationBen Collins
2003-03-03sysfs: fix warning.Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03[PATCH] IEEE1394 updatesBen Collins
2003-03-03pnp interface.c needs <linux/slab.h> for 'kfree()'Linus Torvalds
2003-03-03Merge bk://kernel.bkbits.net/davem/sparc-2.5Linus Torvalds
2003-03-03[PATCH] sysfs build fixAndrew Morton
2003-03-03[HOTPLUG]: drivers/base/hotplug.c needs linux/sched.h and linux/string.hDavid S. Miller
2003-03-03[SYSFS]: fs/sysfs/mount.c needs linux/init.hDavid S. Miller
2003-03-03[SPARC64]: Fix SMP boot failures.Bruce D. Elliott
2003-03-03sysfs: fix more merge breakage.Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03sysfs: fixup mergePatrick Mochel
2003-03-03cpufreq: convert to use new interface code.Patrick Mochel
2003-03-03[PATCH] Another bitop on boolean in pnpbiosJohn Levon
2003-03-03Merge bk://ldm.bkbits.net/linux-2.5-coreLinus Torvalds
2003-03-03[PATCH] small tty irq race fixNicolas Pitre
2003-03-03Merge osdl.org:/home/mochel/src/kernel/devel/linux-2.5-virginPatrick Mochel
2003-03-03driver model: fix device interfaces. Patrick Mochel
2003-03-02kobject: fix oops in to_kset()Patrick Mochel
2003-03-02driver model: remove <linux/sched.h> from include/linux/device.hPatrick Mochel
2003-03-02sysfs: fix oops in directory removal. Patrick Mochel
2003-03-02[PATCH] Spelling fixes from spell-fix.plSteven Cole
2003-03-02Merge bk://kernel.bkbits.net/davem/net-2.5Linus Torvalds
2003-03-02[SCTP]: net/sctp/proc.c needs linux/init.hDavid S. Miller
2003-03-02[ATM SUNI]: suni_init should not be __init and remove mod inc/dec.Chas Williams
2003-03-02[IPV6]: More C99 initializers.Hideaki Yoshifuji
2003-03-02[IPSEC]: Make sure ESP output pads Null Encryption properly.Joy Latten
2003-03-02[BRIDGE]: C99 patches for net/bridge/netfilter.Art Haas
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: Add new ip6tables matches.Harald Welte
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: Fix typo in ftp conntrack helper.Harald Welte
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: Fix conntrack bug introduced by list_del change.Harald Welte
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: fix NAT ICMP reply translation of inner packet.Harald Welte
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: Fix icmp-type all problem in iptables.Harald Welte
2003-03-02[ATM FORE200E]: Fix build.Chas Williams
2003-03-02[ATM]: Let upper layer k now lec supports multicast.Chas Williams
2003-03-02[NETFILTER]: Switch over to new-style module refcounting, help from Christoph...Rusty Russell
2003-03-02[ATM]: Get minimum frame size right in lec.cChas Williams
2003-03-02[IPV6]: Make sure temporary addresses are regenerated properly.Hideaki Yoshifuji
2003-03-02[ATM]: Fix mispatch.David S. Miller
2003-03-02[ATM]: Use skb_pull instead of direct skb mangling.Chas Williams