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2003-06-13Linux 2.5.71v2.5.71Linus Torvalds
2003-06-13Remove strange and broken ACPI rule from serial MakefileLinus Torvalds
2003-06-13[PATCH] sched.c neatening and fixes.Rusty Russell
1) Fix the comments for the migration_thread. A while back Ingo agreed they were exactly wrong, IIRC. 8). 2) Changed spin_lock_irqsave to spin_lock_irq, since it's in a kernel thread. 3) Don't repeat if the task has moved off the original CPU, just finish. This is because we are simply trying to push the task off this CPU: if it's already moved, great. Currently we might theoretically move a task which is actually running on another CPU, which is v. bad. 4) Replace the __ffs(p->cpus_allowed) with any_online_cpu(), since that's what it's for, and __ffs() can give the wrong answer, eg. if there's no CPU 0. 5) Move the core functionality of migrate_task into a separate function, move_task_away, which I want for the hotplug CPU patch.
2003-06-13Merge http://linux-isdn.bkbits.net/linux-2.5.makeLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-13Merge bk://kernel.bkbits.net/davem/net-2.5Linus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-13Merge bk://bk.arm.linux.org.uk/linux-2.5-serialLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-13[PATCH] Nuke check_highmem_ptes()Benjamin Herrenschmidt
It was broken on at least ppc32 & sparc32, and the debugging it offered wasn't worth it any more anyway.
2003-06-13[PATCH] speedstep_detect_speed might not reenable interruptsSamuel Thibault
local_irq_save() is called at the beginning of speedstep_detect_speeds, but local_irq_restore() is not called on I/O errors.
2003-06-13[PATCH] cpufreq: correct initialization on Intel CopperminesSamuel Thibault
Intel seems to have changed their mind, and now document the detection process for speedstep-enabled Pentium III Coppermines: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/cs-003779-prd24.htm Here is a patch. I kept the setup parameter, but it might be removed now?
2003-06-13[PATCH] Move SH board-specific code aroundPaul Mundt
This patch moves the old board-specific SH code
2003-06-13[PATCH] toplevel SH updatePaul Mundt
This gets the toplevel arch/sh stuff in sync with the current SH 2.5 tree.
2003-06-13[PATCH] adjust ppp to zlib changeJörn Engel
This bit is left from the zlib changes. According to Paul, the zlib bug is already caught in userspace pppd, but not in the kernel ppp code. With this patch, there is one potential hickup less in ppp.
2003-06-13[PATCH] Fix typo in commentJörn Engel
2003-06-13Merge http://ppc.bkbits.net/for-linus-ppc64Linus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-15Merge samba.org:/scratch/anton/tmp3Anton Blanchard
into samba.org:/scratch/anton/linux-2.5_ppc64
2003-06-15Merge samba.org:/scratch/anton/linux-2.5Anton Blanchard
into samba.org:/scratch/anton/tmp3
2003-06-15ppc64: rework user access functionsAnton Blanchard
2003-06-15ppc64: Rework inline syscall macros, fix clobbers & gcc3.3 from Franz SirlAnton Blanchard
2003-06-15ppc64: various fixes to sys32_sysinfo, from Will SchmidtAnton Blanchard
2003-06-13Merge bk://linux-dj.bkbits.net/cpufreqLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-13Merge bk://linux-dj.bkbits.net/agpgartLinus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-14Merge bk://ppc.bkbits.net/for-linus-ppc64Anton Blanchard
into samba.org:/home/anton/ppc64/for-linus-ppc64
2003-06-14Merge samba.org:/scratch/anton/linux-2.5Anton Blanchard
into samba.org:/scratch/anton/tmp3
2003-06-14ppc64: copy_tofrom_user fix from Paul MackerrasAnton Blanchard
2003-06-13[PATCH] Update IEEE1394 (r952)Ben Collins
OHCI1394: Merge CONFIG_PPC_ALL changes. DV1394 : Fix broken endian conversions. ETH1394 : Fix oopses due to non-linear sk_buff's.
2003-06-13[CPUFREQ] speedstep docu clarification.Dave Jones
Spotted by Dominik.
2003-06-13[PATCH] Register scsi devices after naming themBen Collins
scsi_add_lun doesn't set sdp->devfs_name before calling scsi_register_device(). Since scsi_register_device calls down to things like sd_probe, which do try to use sdp->devfs_name, things fail. Just an easy change, moving the sdp->devfs_name creation before calling scsi_register_device().
2003-06-13[PATCH] x86-64 mergeAndi Kleen
This brings the x86-64 port uptodate. Only architecture specific changes. The biggest change is the forward port of the 2.4 timing code with full HPET support. This should improve timing stability on some Opteron boxes considerably. Also add the optimized low level functions from 2.4 (clear_page, copy_page, memcpy, csum_copy etc.) They were supposed to be merged earlier, but got dropped due to some SNAFU. Especially the clear_page changes should improve performance considerably, because the old version used write combining writes which put all the new process data out of cache. New version serves cache hot. Also some other bugfixes. Full changelog: - Re-add some lost patches: improved copy_page, clear_page, memset, memcpy, csum_copy from 2.4. - New timing code from 2.4 (Bryan O'Sullivan, John Stultz, Vojtech Pavlik) - Use correct MSR to write northbridge MCE configuration - Fix and reenable simics check in APIC timer calibration - Check if BIOS enabled APIC and don't use APIC mode if not. - Remove some obsolete code in APIC handling. - Fix potential races in the IOMMU code. - Don't print backtrace twice on oops. - Fix compilation of swsuspend (Pavel Machek) - Add oops locking to kernel page faults. - Use prefetcht0 for C level kernel prefetches.
2003-06-13[PATCH] lsm: setfsuid/setgsuid bug fix (4/4)Chris Wright
Patch from Jakub Jelínek <jakub@redhat.com> Make sure setfsuid/setfsgid return values are right. Before include/linux/security.h was added, setfsuid/setfsgid always returned old_fsuid, no matter if the fsuid was actually changed or not. With the default security ops it seems to do the same, because both security_task_setuid and security_task_post_setuid return 0, but these are hooks which seem to return 0 on success, -errno on failure, so if some non-default security hook is installed and ever returns -errno in setfsuid/setfsgid, -errno will be returned from the syscall instead of the expected old_fsuid. This makes it hard to distinguish uids 0xfffff001 .. 0xffffffff from errors of security hooks.
2003-06-13[PATCH] lsm: Remove inode_permission_lite hook (3/4)Chris Wright
2003-06-13[PATCH] lsm: Remove task_kmod_set_label hook (2/4)Chris Wright
The task_kmod_set_label hook is no longer necessary. kmod is now handled by keventd which already does reparent_to_init, so there is no need to worry about getting the security labels right for code running off the keventd workqueue.
2003-06-13[PATCH] lsm: Early init for security modules (1/4)Chris Wright
As discussed before, this allows for early initialization of security modules when compiled statically into the kernel. The standard do_initcalls is too late for complete coverage of all filesystems and threads, for example.
2003-06-13[PATCH] User FIXMAP area simplificationRoland McGrath
As per Linus' proposal: make special macros for the user-accessible fixmap, simplifying access checks to make it trivial to handle ia64 issues.
2003-06-13Merge bk://kernel.bkbits.net/gregkh/linux/tty-2.5Linus Torvalds
into home.transmeta.com:/home/torvalds/v2.5/linux
2003-06-13[PATCH] fix writeback for dirty ramdisk blockdev inodesAndrew Morton
Once the blockdev inode for /dev/ram0 is dirtied we have a memory-backed inode on the blockdev superblock's s_dirty list. sync_sb_inodes() sees the memory-backed inode on the superblock and assumes that all the other inodes on the superblock are also memory-backed. This is not true for the blockdev superblock! We forget to write out dirty pages against the following blockdevs. Fix this by just leaving the inode dirty and moving on to inspect the other blockdev inodes on sb->s_io. (This is a little inefficient: an alternative is to leave dirtied memory-backed inodes on inode_in_use, so nobody ever even considers them for writeout. But that introduces an inconsistency and is a bit kludgey).
2003-06-13ppc64: K&R to ANSI style conversions from Steven ColeAnton Blanchard
2003-06-12[PATCH] Rocket patch against 2.5.70-bk18Kurt Robideau
Here is rocket driver patch against 2.5.70-bk18. Changes are: - Removed non-GPL license text from headers - Removed check_region()/request_region() raciness - Made the driver a >2.5 driver only (as you had suggested)
2003-06-13[AGPGART] Some Intel chipsets were using the wrong masks.Dave Jones
Spotted by Christian Zander.
2003-06-13Merge samba.org:/scratch/anton/linux-2.5Anton Blanchard
into samba.org:/scratch/anton/tmp3
2003-06-12Merge tetrachloride.(none):/mnt/raid/src/kernel/2.5/bk-linusDave Jones
into tetrachloride.(none):/mnt/raid/src/kernel/2.5/cpufreq
2003-06-12[CPUFREQ] Move old speedstep driver to speedstep-ichDave Jones
2003-06-12[CPUFREQ] Merge Jeremy's Centrino speedstep driver.Dave Jones
2003-06-12Cset exclude: davej@codemonkey.org.uk|ChangeSet|20030611121150|30244Dave Jones
2003-06-12[NET]: More reasonable error handling in SLIP driver unload.Stephen Hemminger
2003-06-12[IPV4]: Dynamic allocation for IPGRE net device.Stephen Hemminger
2003-06-12[IPV4]: Dynamic allocation for IPIP net device.Stephen Hemminger
2003-06-12[IPV6]: Dynamic allocation for SIT net device.Stephen Hemminger
2003-06-12[NET]: Dynamic allocation for dummy net device.Stephen Hemminger
2003-06-12[PPP]: Fix PPP Deflate sequence number checkingPaul Mackerras
2003-06-12[IPSEC]: Initialize flow key properly in decode_session.Herbert Xu