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2002-04-13[PATCH] cpqfc.ov2.5.8Jes Sorensen
2002-04-13[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 IDE 33Martin Dalecki
2002-04-12[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 IDE 32Martin Dalecki
2002-04-12Kernel version updateLinus Torvalds
2002-04-12[PATCH] qla1280.c updateJes Sorensen
2002-04-12Update defconfig for IDE TCQ configsLinus Torvalds
2002-04-10[PATCH] crapectomy in include/linux/nfsd/syscall.hAlexander Viro
2002-04-10Don't stomp on old ia_valid when changing user/group.Linus Torvalds
2002-04-09Don't just initialize the acpi tables, use them.Linus Torvalds
2002-04-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-04-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-04-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-04-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-04-09AutomergeLinus Torvalds
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS typo fixHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS inode cleanupHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS makefile cleanupHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS unconfuseHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS config comment clarificationHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS debug config renameHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS journal replayHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] fix ReiserFS journal initializationHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] fix ReiserFS metadata journallingHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS inode initializationHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS get_block fixHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS endianness fixHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] ReiserFS directory atime fixHans Reiser
2002-04-09[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 IDE 31Martin Dalecki
2002-04-09[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 IDE 30Martin Dalecki
2002-04-09Merge bk://ppc.bkbits.net/for-linus-pppLinus Torvalds
2002-04-11PPP updates and fixes. This fixes the various SMP races, deadlocksPaul Mackerras
2002-04-09Merge bk://ppc.bkbits.net/for-linus-ppcLinus Torvalds
2002-04-11Minor PPC changes - add sched_get/setaffinity, include tlbflush.hPaul Mackerras
2002-04-11Add flush_tlb_kernel_range for PPC and clean up the PPC tlbPaul Mackerras
2002-04-09[PATCH] cciss.c, use pdev->irq after pci_enable_deviceSteve Cameron
2002-04-09[PATCH] redo patch clobbered by ACPIAndy Grover
2002-04-09Merge bk://linuxusb.bkbits.net/pci_hp-2.5Linus Torvalds
2002-04-09[PATCH] more blkdev_size_in_bytes() removalsAlexander Viro
2002-04-09[PATCH] jffs2_get_sb() fixesAlexander Viro
2002-04-09[PATCH] mtdblock fixesAlexander Viro
2002-04-09[PATCH] cramfs cleanupAlexander Viro
2002-04-09[PATCH] replace kupdate and bdflush with pdflushAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] use pdflush for unused inode writebackAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] writeback daemonsAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] page->buffers abstractionAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] readaheadAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] Velikov/Hellwig radix-tree pagecacheAndrew Morton
2002-04-09[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 set_bit cleanup IVRusty Russell
2002-04-09[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 set_bit cleanup IIIRusty Russell
2002-04-09[PATCH] 2.5.8-pre3 set_bit cleanup IIRusty Russell