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2004-11-14Linux 2.6.10-rc2v2.6.10-rc2Linus Torvalds
2004-11-14x86: only single-step into signal handlers if the tracerLinus Torvalds
2004-11-14Merge bk://bk.arm.linux.org.uk/linux-2.6-rmkLinus Torvalds
2004-11-15[ARM PATCH] 2236/1: S3C2410 - new serial driver - machine updates (3/4)Ben Dooks
2004-11-14[ARM PATCH] 2235/1: S3C2410 - new serial driver - core updates (2/4)Ben Dooks
2004-11-14[ARM PATCH] 2240/1: S3C2410 - clock device id updateBen Dooks
2004-11-14[ARM] rapide: use MMIO for IDE registers.Russell King
2004-11-14[ARM] icside: use MMIO for IDE registers.Russell King
2004-11-14[ARM] icside: use MMIO for board specific registers.Russell King
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: move senTec board supoprt to common 528x ColdFire directoryGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: include 527x and 528x SIM hardware defines in common ColdF...Greg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: add ColdFire 528x CPU reset codeGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: kernel startup code for the ColdFire 5272 Feith SCALES boardGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: update comments in ColdFire PIT timer includeGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: move definition of kernel stack sizeGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[ARM] ecard: dumpirq state on unrecognised interrupts as well.Russell King
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: add 527x and 528x support to ColdFire DMA definitionsGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14[PATCH] m68knommu: add 527x and 528x support to ColdFire UART definitionsGreg Ungerer
2004-11-14Merge bk://linux-scsi.bkbits.net/scsi-for-linus-2.6Linus Torvalds
2004-11-14Merge bk://kernel.bkbits.net/davem/net-2.6Linus Torvalds
2004-11-14[ARM] Fix Acorn SCSI drivers to use ecard_{request,release}_resourcesRussell King
2004-11-14[PATCH] Mark deadline_init and deadline_exit as init and exit functionsJens Axboe
2004-11-14[PATCH] Mark cfq_exit as an exit functionJens Axboe
2004-11-14[PATCH] Mark as_init and as_exit as init and exit functionsJens Axboe
2004-11-14[PATCH] x86_64: assign_irq_vector should not be marked __initAlexander Nyberg
2004-11-14[PATCH] missing braces in macros (asm-alpha/mmzone.h)Alexander Viro
2004-11-14[PATCH] tcx compile fix (typo)Alexander Viro
2004-11-14[PATCH] allow arch override of BIOVEC_PHYS_MERGEABLEJens Axboe
2004-11-14[PATCH] minor io scheduler documentation fixesJens Axboe
2004-11-14[PATCH] warn once for unknown SCSI commandJens Axboe
2004-11-14make osst compile again after st structure changesJames Bottomley
2004-11-13[PATCH] fix sata_svw compileChristoph Hellwig
2004-11-13[NET]: No reason for pktgen.c to include pci.hAdrian Bunk
2004-11-13[APPLETALK]: Missing file add in recent commit.David S. Miller
2004-11-13[PATCH] scsi/mesh: module_param correctionsRandy Dunlap
2004-11-13[PATCH] no __initdata in netfilterAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] no __init in serial/8250.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __initdata in dm.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init in reboot.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init in mm/slab.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __devinit in parport_pc.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init in scsi/scsi_devinfo.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init and i386 timersAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __devinit in ide/pci/rz1000.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __devinit in pci/generic.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init in i386/kernel/cpu/nexgen.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __init for inflate.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] __devinit in sound/oss/es1371.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] add __initdata in floppy.cAndries E. Brouwer
2004-11-13[PATCH] remove if !PARTITION_ADVANCED condition in defaultsAndries E. Brouwer