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2008-05-06Linux Kroah-Hartman
2008-05-06fix SMP ordering hole in fcntl_setlk() (CVE-2008-1669)Al Viro
2008-05-01Linux Kroah-Hartman
2008-05-01Fix dnotify/close race (CVE-2008-1375)Al Viro
2008-05-01drivers/net/tehuti: use proper capability check for raw IO accessLinus Torvalds
2008-05-01hrtimer: raise softirq unlocked to avoid circular lock dependencyThomas Gleixner
2008-05-01x86: Fix 32-bit x86 MSI-X allocation leakagePJ Waskiewicz
2008-05-01alpha: unbreak OSF/1 (a.out) binariesIvan Kokshaysky
2008-05-01SCSI: qla2xxx: Correct regression in relogin code.Andrew Vasquez
2008-05-01RDMA/nes: Fix adapter reset after PXE bootChien Tung
2008-05-01hrtimer: timeout too long when using HRTIMER_CB_SOFTIRQBodo Stroesser
2008-05-01mm: fix possible off-by-one in walk_pte_range()Johannes Weiner
2008-05-01dz: test after postfix decrement fails in dz_console_putchar()Roel Kluin
2008-05-01rtc-pcf8583 build fixDavid Brownell
2008-05-01aio: io_getevents() should return if io_destroy() is invokedJeff Moyer
2008-05-01tehuti: move ioctl perm check closer to function start (CVE-2008-1675)Jeff Garzik
2008-05-01tehuti: check register size (CVE-2008-1675)Francois Romieu
2008-05-01b43: Workaround DMA quirksMichael Buesch
2008-05-01b43: Add more btcoexist workaroundsMichael Buesch
2008-05-01b43: Workaround invalid bluetooth settingsMichael Buesch
2008-05-01ssb: Fix all-ones boardflagsLarry Finger
2008-05-01x86, pci: fix off-by-one errors in some pirq warningsBjörn Steinbrink
2008-05-01SELinux: no BUG_ON(!ss_initialized) in selinux_clone_mnt_optsEric Paris
2008-05-01S2io: Version update for memory leak fix during free_tx_buffersSreenivasa Honnur
2008-05-01S2io: Fix memory leak during free_tx_buffersSreenivasa Honnur
2008-05-01V4L: cx88: enable radio GPIO correctlySteven Toth
2008-05-01V4L: tea5761: bugzilla #10462: tea5761 autodetection code were brokenMauro Carvalho Chehab
2008-05-01V4L: Fix VIDIOCGAP corruption in ivtvAlan Cox
2008-05-01RDMA/nes: Free IRQ before killing taskletRoland Dreier
2008-05-01cgroup: fix a race condition in manipulating tsk->cg_listLi Zefan
2008-05-01dm snapshot: fix chunksize sector conversionMikulas Patocka
2008-05-01USB: OHCI: fix bug in controller resumeAlan Stern
2008-05-01IPSEC: Fix catch-22 with algorithm IDs above 31Herbert Xu
2008-05-01net: Fix wrong interpretation of some copy_to_user() results.Pavel Emelyanov
2008-05-01rose: Socket lock was not released before returning to user spaceBernard Pidoux
2008-05-01RTNETLINK: Fix bogus ASSERT_RTNL warningPatrick McHardy
2008-05-01TCP: Increase the max_burst threshold from 3 to tp->reordering.John Heffner
2008-05-01tcp: tcp_probe buffer overflow and incorrect return valueTom Quetchenbach
2008-05-01tg3: 5701 DMA corruption fixMatt Carlson
2008-05-01JFFS2: Fix free space leak with in-band cleanmarkersDavid Woodhouse
2008-05-01USB: Add HP hs2300 Broadband Wireless Module to sierra.cStefan Seyfried
2008-05-01USB: log an error message when USB enumeration failsAlan Stern
2008-04-16Linux 2.6.25v2.6.25Linus Torvalds
2008-04-16Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bart/ide-2.6Linus Torvalds
2008-04-17it821x: do not describe noraid parameter with its valuePaul Bolle
2008-04-17Pb1200/DBAu1200: fix bad IDE resource sizeSergei Shtylyov
2008-04-17Au1200: IDE driver build fixSergei Shtylyov
2008-04-17Au1200: kill IDE driver function prototypesSergei Shtylyov
2008-04-17avr32 mustn't select HAVE_IDEAdrian Bunk
2008-04-16Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-2.6-blockLinus Torvalds