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2010-08-02ext4: don't return to userspace after freezing the fs with a mutex heldEric Sandeen
2010-08-02ext4: check s_log_groups_per_flex in online resize codeEric Sandeen
2010-08-02ext4: fix quota accounting in case of fallocateDmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ext4: allow defrag (EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT) in 32bit compat modeChristian Borntraeger
2010-08-02ext4: rename ext4_mb_release_desc() to ext4_mb_unload_buddy()Jing Zhang
2010-08-02ext4: Remove unnecessary call to ext4_get_group_desc() in mballocJing Zhang
2010-08-02ext4: fix memory leaks in error path handling of ext4_ext_zeroout()Jing Zhang
2010-08-02ext4: check missed return value in ext4_sync_file()Dmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ext4: Issue the discard operation *before* releasing the blocks to be reusedTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: Fix buffer head leaks after calls to ext4_get_inode_loc()Curt Wohlgemuth
2010-08-02ext4: Fix possible lost inode write in no journal modeCurt Wohlgemuth
2010-08-02ext4: Fixed inode allocator to correctly track a flex_bg's used_dirsEric Sandeen
2010-08-02ext4: Fix estimate of # of blocks needed to write indirect-mapped filesJan Kara
2010-08-02ext4: Code cleanup for EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT ioctlAkira Fujita
2010-08-02ext4: Fix the NULL reference in double_down_write_data_sem()Akira Fujita
2010-08-02ext4: Fix insertion point of extent in mext_insert_across_blocks()Akira Fujita
2010-08-02ext4: make "offset" consistent in ext4_check_dir_entry()Toshiyuki Okajima
2010-08-02ext4: Handle non empty on-disk orphan linkDmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ext4: explicitly remove inode from orphan list after failed direct ioDmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ext4: fix error handling in migrateDmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ext4: Fix fencepost error in chosing choosing group vs file preallocation.Tao Ma
2010-08-02ext4: Add flag to files with blocks intentionally past EOFJiaying Zhang
2010-08-02ext4: Fix BUG_ON at fs/buffer.c:652 in no journal modeCurt Wohlgemuth
2010-08-02ext4: Use bitops to read/modify EXT4_I(inode)->i_stateTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: Drop EXT4_GET_BLOCKS_UPDATE_RESERVE_SPACE flagAneesh Kumar K.V
2010-08-02ext4: Fix quota accounting error with fallocateAneesh Kumar K.V
2010-08-02ext4: Handle -EDQUOT error on writeAneesh Kumar K.V
2010-08-02ext4: Calculate metadata requirements more accuratelyTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: Fix accounting of reserved metadata blocksTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: Patch up how we claim metadata blocks for quota purposesTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: Ensure zeroout blocks have no dirty metadataAneesh Kumar K.V
2010-08-02ext4: return correct wbc.nr_to_write in ext4_da_writepagesRichard Kennedy
2010-08-02ext4: Eliminate potential double free on error pathJulia Lawall
2010-08-02ext4, jbd2: Add barriers for file systems with exernal journalsTheodore Ts'o
2010-08-02ext4: replace BUG() with return -EIO in ext4_ext_get_blocksSurbhi Palande
2010-08-02ext4: Fix potential quota deadlockDmitry Monakhov
2010-08-02ethtool: Fix potential user buffer overflow for ETHTOOL_{G, S}RXFHBen Hutchings
2010-08-02USB: FTDI: Add support for the RT System VX-7 radio programming cableCorey Minyard
2010-08-02USB: add quirk for Broadcom BT dongleOliver Neukum
2010-08-02USB: sisusbvga: Fix for USB 3.0Oliver Neukum
2010-08-02USB: adds Artisman USB dongle to list of quirky devicesPaul Mortier
2010-08-02USB: option: Add support for AMOI Skypephone S2Dennis Jansen
2010-08-02USB: ftdi_sio: support for Signalyzer tools based on FTDI chipsColin Leitner
2010-08-02USB: Add PID for Sierra 250U to drivers/usb/serial/sierra.caugust huber
2010-08-02USB: option: add support for 1da5:4518Ă–mer Sezgin Ugurlu
2010-08-02USB: g_serial: fix tty cleanup on unloadJon Povey
2010-08-02USB: g_serial: don't set low_latency flagJon Povey
2010-08-02USB: obey the sysfs power/wakeup settingAlan Stern
2010-08-02Staging: rtl8192su: add USB ID for 0bda:8171Pavel Roskin
2010-08-02staging: rtl8192su: add USB VID/PID for HWNUm-300Stephane Glondu