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2013-12-04ALSA: hda - Initialize missing bass speaker pin for ASUS AIO ET2700Takashi Iwai
2013-12-04ALSA: hda - Create Headhpone Mic Jack Mode when really neededTakashi Iwai
2013-12-04ALSA: hda - Fix hp-mic mode without VREF bitsTakashi Iwai
2013-12-04ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support of ALC231 codecKailang Yang
2013-12-04ALSA: hda/realtek - Set pcbeep amp for ALC668Kailang Yang
2013-12-04cpuset: Fix memory allocator deadlockPeter Zijlstra
2013-12-04cgroup: fix cgroup_subsys_state leak for seq_filesTejun Heo
2013-12-04cgroup: use a dedicated workqueue for cgroup destructionTejun Heo
2013-12-04workqueue: fix ordered workqueues in NUMA setupsTejun Heo
2013-12-04s390/uaccess: add missing page table walk range checkHeiko Carstens
2013-12-04arm64: Move PTE_PROT_NONE higher upCatalin Marinas
2013-12-04iio:accel:kxsd9 fix missing mutex unlockFrank Zago
2013-12-04powerpc/signals: Improved mark VSX not saved with small contexts fixMichael Neuling
2013-12-04HID: uhid: fix leak for 64/32 UHID_CREATEDavid Herrmann
2013-12-04md: test mddev->flags more safely in md_check_recovery.NeilBrown
2013-12-04md/raid5: Before freeing old multi-thread worker, it should flush them.majianpeng
2013-12-04md: fix calculation of stacking limits on level change.NeilBrown
2013-12-04raid5: Use slow_path to release stripe when mddev->thread is nullmajianpeng
2013-12-04setfacl removes part of ACL when setting POSIX ACLs to SambaSteve French
2013-12-04HID: wiimote: fix inverted pro-controller axesDavid Herrmann
2013-12-04edac, highbank: Fix interrupt setup of mem and l2 controllerRobert Richter
2013-12-04ib_isert: Avoid duplicate iscsit_increment_maxcmdsn callNicholas Bellinger
2013-12-04radeon: workaround pinning failure on low ram gpuJerome Glisse
2013-12-04drm/radeon: adjust TN dpm parameters for stability (v2)Alex Deucher
2013-12-04drm/radeon: hook up backlight functions for CI and KV family.Samuel Li
2013-12-04radeon/i2c: do not count reg index in number of i2c byte we are writing.Jerome Glisse
2013-12-04drm/radeon: don't share PPLLs on DCE4.1Alex Deucher
2013-12-04drm/radeon: fix UVD destroy IB sizeChristian König
2013-12-04drm/radeon: activate UVD clocks before sending the destroy msgChristian König
2013-12-04drm/radeon/si: fix define for MC_SEQ_TRAIN_WAKEUP_CNTLAlex Deucher
2013-12-04drm/nouveau: when bailing out of a pushbuf ioctl, do not remove previous fenceBen Skeggs
2013-12-04drm/i915: Replicate BIOS eDP bpp clamping hack for hswDaniel Vetter
2013-12-04drm/i915: restore the early forcewake cleanupDaniel Vetter
2013-12-04drm/i915: flush cursors harderDaniel Vetter
2013-12-04drm/i915/dvo: call ->mode_set callback only when the port is runningDaniel Vetter
2013-12-04drm/ttm: Fix ttm_bo_move_memcpyThomas Hellstrom
2013-12-04drm/ttm: Handle in-memory region copiesJakob Bornecrantz
2013-12-04drm/ttm: Fix memory type compatibility checkThomas Hellstrom
2013-12-04drm/vmwgfx: Resource evict fixesThomas Hellstrom
2013-12-04ftrace: Fix function graph with loading of modulesSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2013-12-04sony-laptop: do not scribble keyboard backlight registers on resumeMattia Dongili
2013-12-04regulator: pfuze100: allow misprogrammed IDTim Harvey
2013-12-04prism54: set netdev type to "wlan"Dan Williams
2013-12-04n_tty: Ensure reader restarts worker for next readerPeter Hurley
2013-12-04tty: Reset hupped state on openPeter Hurley
2013-12-04n_tty: Fix echo overrun tail computationPeter Hurley
2013-12-04tty: incorrect test of echo_buf() result for ECHO_OP_STARTRoel Kluin
2013-12-04n_tty: Fix 4096-byte canonical readsPeter Hurley
2013-12-04avr32: fix out-of-range jump in large kernelsAndreas Bießmann
2013-12-04avr32: setup crt for early panic()Andreas Bießmann