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2014-11-21Linux 3.17.4v3.17.4Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-11-21iwlwifi: fix RFkill while calibratingEmmanuel Grumbach
2014-11-21KEYS: Reinstate EPERM for a key type name beginning with a '.'David Howells
2014-11-21asus-nb-wmi: Add wapf4 quirk for the X550VBStanislaw Gruszka
2014-11-21net: sctp: fix skb_over_panic when receiving malformed ASCONF chunksDaniel Borkmann
2014-11-21net: sctp: fix panic on duplicate ASCONF chunksDaniel Borkmann
2014-11-21net: sctp: fix remote memory pressure from excessive queueingDaniel Borkmann
2014-11-21quirk for Lenovo Yoga 3: no rfkill switchStephan Mueller
2014-11-21KVM: x86: Don't report guest userspace emulation error to userspaceNadav Amit
2014-11-21mm, thp: fix collapsing of hugepages on madviseDavid Rientjes
2014-11-21checkpatch: remove unnecessary + after {8,8}Joe Perches
2014-11-21builddeb: put the dbg files into the correct directoryMichal Marek
2014-11-21dell-wmi: Fix access out of memoryPali Rohár
2014-11-21rcu: Use rcu_gp_kthread_wake() to wake up grace period kthreadsPranith Kumar
2014-11-21GFS2: Make rename not save dirent locationBob Peterson
2014-11-21netfilter: xt_bpf: add mising opaque struct sk_filter definitionPablo Neira
2014-11-21netfilter: nft_compat: fix wrong target lookup in nft_target_select_ops()Arturo Borrero
2014-11-21netfilter: nf_log: release skbuff on nlmsg put failureHoucheng Lin
2014-11-21netfilter: nfnetlink_log: fix maximum packet length logged to userspaceFlorian Westphal
2014-11-21netfilter: nf_log: account for size of NLMSG_DONE attributeFlorian Westphal
2014-11-21netfilter: nf_tables: check for NULL in nf_tables_newchain pcpu stats allocationSabrina Dubroca
2014-11-21netfilter: ipset: off by one in ip_set_nfnl_get_byindex()Dan Carpenter
2014-11-21ipc: always handle a new value of auto_msgmniAndrey Vagin
2014-11-21IB/core: Clear AH attr variable to prevent garbage dataDevesh Sharma
2014-11-21pwm: Fix uninitialized warnings in pwm_get()Geert Uytterhoeven
2014-11-21clocksource: Remove "weak" from clocksource_default_clock() declarationBjorn Helgaas
2014-11-21kgdb: Remove "weak" from kgdb_arch_pc() declarationBjorn Helgaas
2014-11-21vmcore: Remove "weak" from function declarationsBjorn Helgaas
2014-11-21memory-hotplug: Remove "weak" from memory_block_size_bytes() declarationBjorn Helgaas
2014-11-21net: systemport: reset UniMAC coming out of a suspend cycleFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-21net: systemport: enable RX interrupts after NAPIFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-21cxgb4 : Handle dcb enable correctlyAnish Bhatt
2014-11-21media: ttusb-dec: buffer overflow in ioctlDan Carpenter
2014-11-21NFSv4.1: nfs41_clear_delegation_stateid shouldn't trust NFS_DELEGATED_STATETrond Myklebust
2014-11-21NFSv4: Fix races between nfs_remove_bad_delegation() and delegation returnTrond Myklebust
2014-11-21nfs: Fix use of uninitialized variable in nfs_getattr()Jan Kara
2014-11-21NFS: Don't try to reclaim delegation open state if recovery failedTrond Myklebust
2014-11-21NFSv4: Ensure that we call FREE_STATEID when NFSv4.x stateids are revokedTrond Myklebust
2014-11-21NFSv4: Ensure that we remove NFSv4.0 delegations when state has expiredTrond Myklebust
2014-11-21md: Always set RECOVERY_NEEDED when clearing RECOVERY_FROZENNeilBrown
2014-11-21x86, kaslr: Prevent .bss from overlaping initrdJunjie Mao
2014-11-21x86, microcode, AMD: Fix ucode patch stashing on 32-bitBorislav Petkov
2014-11-21x86, microcode: Fix accessing dis_ucode_ldr on 32-bitBorislav Petkov
2014-11-21x86, microcode, AMD: Fix early ucode loading on 32-bitBorislav Petkov
2014-11-21power: bq2415x_charger: Fix memory leak on DTS parsing errorKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-11-21power: bq2415x_charger: Properly handle ENODEV from power_supply_get_by_phandleKrzysztof Kozlowski
2014-11-21power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after charger ...Krzysztof Kozlowski
2014-11-21power: charger-manager: Fix accessing invalidated power supply after fuel gau...Krzysztof Kozlowski
2014-11-21sunrpc: fix sleeping under rcu_read_lock in gss_stringify_acceptorJeff Layton
2014-11-21cpufreq: Avoid crash in resume on SMP without OPPGeert Uytterhoeven