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2012-10-30Linux 3.2.33v3.2.33Ben Hutchings
2012-10-30Add CDC-ACM support for the CX93010-2x UCMxx USB ModemJean-Christian de Rivaz
2012-10-30ALSA: emu10k1: add chip details for E-mu 1010 PCIe cardMaxim Kachur
2012-10-30ALSA: ac97 - Fix missing NULL check in snd_ac97_cvol_new()Takashi Iwai
2012-10-30tpm: Propagate error from tpm_transmit to fix a timeout hangPeter Huewe
2012-10-30netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix racy timer handling with reliable eventsPablo Neira Ayuso
2012-10-30Revert "lockd: use rpc client's cl_nodename for id encoding"Ben Hutchings
2012-10-30fs/compat_ioctl.c: VIDEO_SET_SPU_PALETTE missing error checkKees Cook
2012-10-30gen_init_cpio: avoid stack overflow when expandingKees Cook
2012-10-30drivers/rtc/rtc-imxdi.c: add missing spin lock initializationJan Luebbe
2012-10-30genalloc: stop crashing the system when destroying a poolThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
2012-10-30mm: fix XFS oops due to dirty pages without buffers on s390Jan Kara
2012-10-30freezer: exec should clear PF_NOFREEZE along with PF_KTHREADOleg Nesterov
2012-10-30xhci: Fix potential NULL ptr deref in command cancellation.Sarah Sharp
2012-10-30ehci: Add yet-another Lucid nohandoff pci quirkAnisse Astier
2012-10-30ehci: fix Lucid nohandoff pci quirk to be more generic with BIOS versionsAnisse Astier
2012-10-30USB: mos7840: remove invalid disconnect handlingJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: mos7840: remove NULL-urb submissionJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: mos7840: fix port-device leak in error pathJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: mos7840: fix urb leak at releaseJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: sierra: fix memory leak in probe error pathJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: sierra: fix memory leak in attach error pathJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: mct_u232: fix broken closeJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: opticon: fix memory leak in error pathJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: opticon: fix DMA from stackJohan Hovold
2012-10-30USB: whiteheat: fix memory leak in error pathJohan Hovold
2012-10-30vhost: fix mergeable bufs on BE hostsMichael S. Tsirkin
2012-10-30sysfs: sysfs_pathname/sysfs_add_one: Use strlcat() instead of strcat()Geert Uytterhoeven
2012-10-30Drivers: hv: Cleanup error handling in vmbus_open()K. Y. Srinivasan
2012-10-30usb-storage: add unusual_devs entry for Casio EX-N1 digital cameraMichael Shigorin
2012-10-30USB: serial: Fix memory leak in sierra_release()Lennart Sorensen
2012-10-30Revert "ath9k_hw: Updated AR9003 tx gain table for 5GHz"Felix Fietkau
2012-10-30SUNRPC: Get rid of the xs_error_report socket callbackTrond Myklebust
2012-10-30SUNRPC: Prevent races in xs_abort_connection()Trond Myklebust
2012-10-30Revert "SUNRPC: Ensure we close the socket on EPIPE errors too..."Trond Myklebust
2012-10-30SUNRPC: Clear the connect flag when socket state is TCP_CLOSE_WAITTrond Myklebust
2012-10-30amd64_edac:__amd64_set_scrub_rate(): avoid overindexing scrubrates[]Andrew Morton
2012-10-30arch/tile: avoid generating .eh_frame information in modulesChris Metcalf
2012-10-30cpufreq / powernow-k8: Remove usage of smp_processor_id() in preemptible codeAndreas Herrmann
2012-10-30usb hub: send clear_tt_buffer_complete events when canceling TT clear workOctavian Purdila
2012-10-30ARM: 7559/1: smp: switch away from the idmap before updating init_mm.mm_countWill Deacon
2012-10-30kernel/sys.c: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26Kees Cook
2012-10-30ALSA: hda - add dock support for Thinkpad T430Stefán Freyr
2012-10-30xen/x86: don't corrupt %eip when returning from a signal handlerDavid Vrabel
2012-10-30s390: fix linker script for 31 bit buildsHeiko Carstens
2012-10-30USB: option: add more ZTE devicesBjørn Mork
2012-10-30USB: option: blacklist net interface on ZTE devicesBjørn Mork
2012-10-30usb: host: xhci: New system added for Compliance Mode Patch on SN65LVPE502CPAlexis R. Cortes
2012-10-30usb: acm: fix the computation of the number of data bitsNicolas Boullis
2012-10-30USB: cdc-acm: fix pipe type of write endpointMing Lei