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2017-08-05Linux 4.1.43v4.1.43Sasha Levin
2017-08-05HID: core: prevent out-of-bound readingsBenjamin Tissoires
2017-07-31ipvs: SNAT packet replies only for NATed connectionsSasha Levin
2017-07-31Revert "dmaengine: ep93xx: Don't drain the transfers in terminate_all()"Sasha Levin
2017-07-31staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: fix E series ni_ai_insn_read() dataIan Abbott
2017-07-31kvm: vmx: Do not disable intercepts for BNDCFGSJim Mattson
2017-07-31tracing: Use SOFTIRQ_OFFSET for softirq dectection for more accurate resultsPavankumar Kondeti
2017-07-31PM / QoS: return -EINVAL for bogus stringsDan Carpenter
2017-07-31sched/topology: Optimize build_group_mask()Lauro Ramos Venancio
2017-07-31sched/topology: Fix overlapping sched_group_maskPeter Zijlstra
2017-07-31crypto: caam - fix signals handlingHoria Geantă
2017-07-31crypto: atmel - only treat EBUSY as transient if backlogGilad Ben-Yossef
2017-07-31crypto: talitos - Extend max key length for SHA384/512-HMAC and AEADMartin Hicks
2017-07-31Add "shutdown" to "struct class".Josh Zimmerman
2017-07-31mnt: Make propagate_umount less slow for overlapping mount propagation treesEric W. Biederman
2017-07-31mnt: In propgate_umount handle visiting mounts in any orderEric W. Biederman
2017-07-31mnt: In umount propagation reparent in a separate passEric W. Biederman
2017-07-31vt: fix unchecked __put_user() in tioclinux ioctlsAdam Borowski
2017-07-31exec: Limit arg stack to at most 75% of _STK_LIMKees Cook
2017-07-31s390: reduce ELF_ET_DYN_BASEKees Cook
2017-07-31powerpc: move ELF_ET_DYN_BASE to 4GB / 4MBKees Cook
2017-07-31arm: move ELF_ET_DYN_BASE to 4MBKees Cook
2017-07-31binfmt_elf: use ELF_ET_DYN_BASE only for PIEKees Cook
2017-07-31checkpatch: silence perl 5.26.0 unescaped left brace warningsCyril Bur
2017-07-31fs/dcache.c: fix spin lockup issue on nlru->lockSahitya Tummala
2017-07-31mm/list_lru.c: fix list_lru_count_node() to be race freeSahitya Tummala
2017-07-31kernel/extable.c: mark core_kernel_text notraceMarcin Nowakowski
2017-07-31tools/lib/lockdep: Reduce MAX_LOCK_DEPTH to avoid overflowing lock_chain/: DepthBen Hutchings
2017-07-31parisc: DMA API: return error instead of BUG_ON for dma ops on non dma devsThomas Bogendoerfer
2017-07-31parisc: use compat_sys_keyctl()Eric Biggers
2017-07-31parisc: Report SIGSEGV instead of SIGBUS when running out of stackHelge Deller
2017-07-31irqchip/gic-v3: Fix out-of-bound access in gic_set_affinitySuzuki K Poulose
2017-07-31cfg80211: Check if PMKID attribute is of expected sizeSrinivas Dasari
2017-07-31cfg80211: Validate frequencies nested in NL80211_ATTR_SCAN_FREQUENCIESSrinivas Dasari
2017-07-31cfg80211: Define nla_policy for NL80211_ATTR_LOCAL_MESH_POWER_MODESrinivas Dasari
2017-07-31brcmfmac: fix possible buffer overflow in brcmf_cfg80211_mgmt_tx()Arend van Spriel
2017-07-31ipv6: dad: don't remove dynamic addresses if link is downSabrina Dubroca
2017-07-31net: prevent sign extension in dev_get_stats()Eric Dumazet
2017-07-31net: dp83640: Avoid NULL pointer dereference.Richard Cochran
2017-07-31net: sched: Fix one possible panic when no destroy callbackGao Feng
2017-07-31net_sched: fix error recovery at qdisc creationEric Dumazet
2017-07-31[media] saa7134: fix warm Medion 7134 EEPROM readMaciej S. Szmigiero
2017-07-31staging: comedi: fix clean-up of comedi_class in comedi_init()Ian Abbott
2017-07-31staging: vt6556: vnt_start Fix missing call to vnt_key_init_table.Malcolm Priestley
2017-07-31md: fix super_offset endianness in super_1_rdev_size_changeJason Yan
2017-07-31perf trace: Do not process PERF_RECORD_LOST twiceArnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2017-07-31perf pmu: Fix misleadingly indented assignment (whitespace)Markus Trippelsdorf
2017-07-31perf annotate browser: Fix behaviour of Shift-Tab with nothing focussedMarkus Trippelsdorf
2017-07-31perf tools: Remove duplicate const qualifierEric Engestrom
2017-07-31perf script: Use readdir() instead of deprecated readdir_r()Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo