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2019-04-05Linux 4.14.111v4.14.111Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-04-05ACPI / video: Extend chassis-type detection with a "Lunch Box" checkHans de Goede
2019-04-05drm/dp/mst: Configure no_stop_bit correctly for remote i2c xfersVille Syrjälä
2019-04-05dmaengine: tegra: avoid overflow of byte trackingBen Dooks
2019-04-05clk: rockchip: fix frac settings of GPLL clock for rk3328Katsuhiro Suzuki
2019-04-05x86/build: Mark per-CPU symbols as absolute explicitly for LLDRafael Ávila de Espíndola
2019-04-05wlcore: Fix memory leak in case wl12xx_fetch_firmware failureZumeng Chen
2019-04-05selinux: do not override context on context mountsOndrej Mosnacek
2019-04-05x86/build: Specify elf_i386 linker emulation explicitly for i386 objectsGeorge Rimar
2019-04-05drm/nouveau: Stop using drm_crtc_force_disableDaniel Vetter
2019-04-05drm: Auto-set allow_fb_modifiers when given modifiers at plane initPaul Kocialkowski
2019-04-05regulator: act8865: Fix act8600_sudcdc_voltage_ranges settingAxel Lin
2019-04-05media: s5p-jpeg: Check for fmt_ver_flag when doing fmt enumerationPawe? Chmiel
2019-04-05netfilter: physdev: relax br_netfilter dependencyFlorian Westphal
2019-04-05dmaengine: qcom_hidma: initialize tx flags in hidma_prep_dma_*Shunyong Yang
2019-04-05dmaengine: qcom_hidma: assign channel cookie correctlyShunyong Yang
2019-04-05dmaengine: imx-dma: fix warning comparison of distinct pointer typesAnders Roxell
2019-04-05cpu/hotplug: Mute hotplug lockdep during initValentin Schneider
2019-04-05hpet: Fix missing '=' character in the __setup() code of hpet_mmap_enableBuland Singh
2019-04-05HID: intel-ish: ipc: handle PIMR before ish_wakeup also clear PISR busy_clear...Song Hongyan
2019-04-05soc/tegra: fuse: Fix illegal free of IO base addressTimo Alho
2019-04-05hwrng: virtio - Avoid repeated init of completionDavid Tolnay
2019-04-05media: mt9m111: set initial frame size other than 0x0Akinobu Mita
2019-04-05usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix OTG events when gadget driver isn't loadedRoger Quadros
2019-04-05powerpc/pseries: Perform full re-add of CPU for topology update post-migrationNathan Fontenot
2019-04-05tty: increase the default flip buffer limit to 2*640KManfred Schlaegl
2019-04-05backlight: pwm_bl: Use gpiod_get_value_cansleep() to get initial stateChen-Yu Tsai
2019-04-05cgroup/pids: turn cgroup_subsys->free() into cgroup_subsys->release() to fix ...Oleg Nesterov
2019-04-05bpf: fix missing prototype warningsValdis Kletnieks
2019-04-05ARM: avoid Cortex-A9 livelock on tight dmb loopsRussell King
2019-04-05ARM: 8830/1: NOMMU: Toggle only bits in EXC_RETURN we are really care ofVladimir Murzin
2019-04-05mt7601u: bump supported EEPROM versionStanislaw Gruszka
2019-04-05soc: qcom: gsbi: Fix error handling in gsbi_probe()Alexey Khoroshilov
2019-04-05efi/arm/arm64: Allow SetVirtualAddressMap() to be omittedArd Biesheuvel
2019-04-05ARM: dts: lpc32xx: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notationMathieu Malaterre
2019-04-05efi/memattr: Don't bail on zero VA if it equals the region's PAArd Biesheuvel
2019-04-05sched/debug: Initialize sd_sysctl_cpus if !CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACKHidetoshi Seto
2019-04-05ASoC: fsl-asoc-card: fix object reference leaks in fsl_asoc_card_probewen yang
2019-04-05platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Fix PCH IP sts readingRajneesh Bhardwaj
2019-04-05e1000e: fix cyclic resets at link up with active txKonstantin Khlebnikov
2019-04-05cdrom: Fix race condition in cdrom_sysctl_registerGuenter Roeck
2019-04-05fbdev: fbmem: fix memory access if logo is bigger than the screenManfred Schlaegl
2019-04-05iw_cxgb4: fix srqidx leak during connection abortRaju Rangoju
2019-04-05genirq: Avoid summation loops for /proc/statThomas Gleixner
2019-04-05bcache: improve sysfs_strtoul_clamp()Coly Li
2019-04-05bcache: fix input overflow to sequential_cutoffColy Li
2019-04-05bcache: fix input overflow to cache set sysfs file io_error_halflifeColy Li
2019-04-05sched/topology: Fix percpu data types in struct sd_data & struct s_dataLuc Van Oostenryck
2019-04-05usb: f_fs: Avoid crash due to out-of-scope stack ptr accessJohn Stultz
2019-04-05ALSA: PCM: check if ops are defined before suspending PCMRanjani Sridharan