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2019-05-08Linux 4.14.117v4.14.117Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-05-08mm/kmemleak.c: fix unused-function warningArnd Bergmann
2019-05-08media: v4l2: i2c: ov7670: Fix PLL bypass register valuesJacopo Mondi
2019-05-08i2c: i2c-stm32f7: Fix SDADEL minimum formulaNicolas Le Bayon
2019-05-08clk: x86: Add system specific quirk to mark clocks as criticalDavid Müller
2019-05-08x86/mce: Improve error message when kernel cannot recover, p2Tony Luck
2019-05-08powerpc/mm/hash: Handle mmap_min_addr correctly in get_unmapped_area topdown ...Aneesh Kumar K.V
2019-05-08selinux: never allow relabeling on context mountsOndrej Mosnacek
2019-05-08Input: stmfts - acknowledge that setting brightness is a blocking callDmitry Torokhov
2019-05-08Input: snvs_pwrkey - initialize necessary driver data before enabling IRQAnson Huang
2019-05-08IB/core: Destroy QP if XRC QP failsYuval Avnery
2019-05-08IB/core: Fix potential memory leak while creating MAD agentsDaniel Jurgens
2019-05-08IB/core: Unregister notifier before freeing MAD securityDaniel Jurgens
2019-05-08ASoC: stm32: fix sai driver name initialisationArnaud Pouliquen
2019-05-08scsi: RDMA/srpt: Fix a credit leak for aborted commandsBart Van Assche
2019-05-08staging: iio: adt7316: fix the dac write calculationJeremy Fertic
2019-05-08staging: iio: adt7316: fix the dac read calculationJeremy Fertic
2019-05-08staging: iio: adt7316: allow adt751x to use internal vref for all dacsJeremy Fertic
2019-05-08Bluetooth: btusb: request wake pin with NOAUTOENBrian Norris
2019-05-08perf/x86/amd: Update generic hardware cache events for Family 17hKim Phillips
2019-05-08ARM: iop: don't use using 64-bit DMA masksArnd Bergmann
2019-05-08ARM: orion: don't use using 64-bit DMA masksArnd Bergmann
2019-05-08xsysace: Fix error handling in ace_setupGuenter Roeck
2019-05-08sh: fix multiple function definition build errorsRandy Dunlap
2019-05-08hugetlbfs: fix memory leak for resv_mapMike Kravetz
2019-05-08kmemleak: powerpc: skip scanning holes in the .bss sectionCatalin Marinas
2019-05-08net: hns: Fix WARNING when remove HNS driver with SMMU enabledYonglong Liu
2019-05-08net: hns: fix ICMP6 neighbor solicitation messages discard problemYonglong Liu
2019-05-08net: hns: Fix probabilistic memory overwrite when HNS driver initializedYonglong Liu
2019-05-08net: hns: Use NAPI_POLL_WEIGHT for hns driverYonglong Liu
2019-05-08net: hns: fix KASAN: use-after-free in hns_nic_net_xmit_hw()Liubin Shu
2019-05-08scsi: storvsc: Fix calculation of sub-channel countMichael Kelley
2019-05-08scsi: core: add new RDAC LENOVO/DE_Series deviceXose Vazquez Perez
2019-05-08vfio/pci: use correct format charactersLouis Taylor
2019-05-08HID: input: add mapping for Assistant keyDmitry Torokhov
2019-05-08rtc: da9063: set uie_unsupported when relevantAlexandre Belloni
2019-05-08debugfs: fix use-after-free on symlink traversalAl Viro
2019-05-08jffs2: fix use-after-free on symlink traversalAl Viro
2019-05-08net: stmmac: don't log oversized framesAaro Koskinen
2019-05-08net: stmmac: fix dropping of multi-descriptor RX framesAaro Koskinen
2019-05-08net: stmmac: don't overwrite discard_frame statusAaro Koskinen
2019-05-08net: stmmac: ratelimit RX error logsAaro Koskinen
2019-05-08bonding: show full hw address in sysfs for slave entriesKonstantin Khorenko
2019-05-08net/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix esw manager vport indication for more vport commandsOmri Kahalon
2019-05-08igb: Fix WARN_ONCE on runtime suspendArvind Sankar
2019-05-08ARM: dts: rockchip: Fix gpu opp node names for rk3288Douglas Anderson
2019-05-08batman-adv: Reduce tt_global hash refcnt only for removed entrySven Eckelmann
2019-05-08batman-adv: Reduce tt_local hash refcnt only for removed entrySven Eckelmann
2019-05-08batman-adv: Reduce claim hash refcnt only for removed entrySven Eckelmann
2019-05-08rtc: sh: Fix invalid alarm warning for non-enabled alarmGeert Uytterhoeven