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2018-01-05Linux 4.14.12v4.14.12Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-01-05rtc: m41t80: remove unneeded checks from m41t80_sqw_set_rateTroy Kisky
2018-01-05rtc: m41t80: avoid i2c read in m41t80_sqw_is_preparedTroy Kisky
2018-01-05rtc: m41t80: avoid i2c read in m41t80_sqw_recalc_rateTroy Kisky
2018-01-05rtc: m41t80: fix m41t80_sqw_round_rate return valueTroy Kisky
2018-01-05rtc: m41t80: m41t80_sqw_set_rate should return 0 on successTroy Kisky
2018-01-05Revert "xfrm: Fix stack-out-of-bounds read in xfrm_state_find."Steffen Klassert
2018-01-05x86/process: Define cpu_tss_rw in same section as declarationNick Desaulniers
2018-01-05x86/pti: Switch to kernel CR3 at early in entry_SYSCALL_compat()Thomas Gleixner
2018-01-05x86/dumpstack: Print registers for first stack frameJosh Poimboeuf
2018-01-05x86/dumpstack: Fix partial register dumpsJosh Poimboeuf
2018-01-05x86/pti: Make sure the user/kernel PTEs matchThomas Gleixner
2018-01-05x86/cpu, x86/pti: Do not enable PTI on AMD processorsTom Lendacky
2018-01-05capabilities: fix buffer overread on very short xattrEric Biggers
2018-01-05exec: Weaken dumpability for secureexecKees Cook
2018-01-02Linux 4.14.11v4.14.11Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-01-02tty: fix tty_ldisc_receive_buf() documentationJohan Hovold
2018-01-02n_tty: fix EXTPROC vs ICANON interaction with TIOCINQ (aka FIONREAD)Linus Torvalds
2018-01-02x86/ldt: Make LDT pgtable free conditionalThomas Gleixner
2018-01-02x86/ldt: Plug memory leak in error pathThomas Gleixner
2018-01-02x86/espfix/64: Fix espfix double-fault handling on 5-level systemsAndy Lutomirski
2018-01-02x86-32: Fix kexec with stack canary (CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR)Linus Torvalds
2018-01-02x86/mm: Remove preempt_disable/enable() from __native_flush_tlb()Thomas Gleixner
2018-01-02x86/smpboot: Remove stale TLB flush invocationsThomas Gleixner
2018-01-02nohz: Prevent a timer interrupt storm in tick_nohz_stop_sched_tick()Thomas Gleixner
2018-01-02staging: android: ion: Fix dma direction for dma_sync_sg_for_cpu/deviceSushmita Susheelendra
2018-01-02drivers: base: cacheinfo: fix cache type for non-architected system cacheSudeep Holla
2018-01-02phy: tegra: fix device-tree node lookupsJohan Hovold
2018-01-02binder: fix proc->files use-after-freeTodd Kjos
2018-01-02timers: Reinitialize per cpu bases on hotplugThomas Gleixner
2018-01-02timers: Invoke timer_start_debug() where it makes senseThomas Gleixner
2018-01-02timers: Use deferrable base independent of base::nohz_activeAnna-Maria Gleixner
2018-01-02usb: xhci: Add XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH for Renesas uPD720201Daniel Thompson
2018-01-02USB: Fix off by one in type-specific length check of BOS SSP capabilityMathias Nyman
2018-01-02usb: add RESET_RESUME for ELSA MicroLink 56KOliver Neukum
2018-01-02usb: Add device quirk for Logitech HD Pro Webcam C925eDmitry Fleytman Dmitry Fleytman
2018-01-02USB: serial: option: adding support for YUGA CLM920-NC5SZ Lin (林上智)
2018-01-02USB: serial: option: add support for Telit ME910 PID 0x1101Daniele Palmas
2018-01-02USB: serial: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM7565Reinhard Speyerer
2018-01-02USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add id for Airbus DS P8GRMax Schulze
2018-01-02USB: chipidea: msm: fix ulpi-node lookupJohan Hovold
2018-01-02usbip: vhci: stop printing kernel pointer addresses in messagesShuah Khan
2018-01-02usbip: stub: stop printing kernel pointer addresses in messagesShuah Khan
2018-01-02usbip: prevent leaking socket pointer address in messagesShuah Khan
2018-01-02usbip: fix usbip bind writing random string after command in match_busidJuan Zea
2018-01-02sparc64: repair calling incorrect hweight function from stubsJan Engelhardt
2018-01-02skbuff: in skb_copy_ubufs unclone before releasing zerocopyWillem de Bruijn
2018-01-02skbuff: skb_copy_ubufs must release uarg even without user fragsWillem de Bruijn
2018-01-02skbuff: orphan frags before zerocopy cloneWillem de Bruijn
2018-01-02Revert "mlx5: move affinity hints assignments to generic code"Saeed Mahameed