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2018-11-13Linux 4.19.2v4.19.2Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-11-13MD: fix invalid stored role for a disk - try2Shaohua Li
2018-11-13vga_switcheroo: Fix missing gpu_bound call at audio client registrationTakashi Iwai
2018-11-13bpf: wait for running BPF programs when updating map-in-mapDaniel Colascione
2018-11-13userns: also map extents in the reverse map to kernel IDsJann Horn
2018-11-13vt: fix broken display when running aptitudeMikulas Patocka
2018-11-13net: sched: Remove TCA_OPTIONS from policyDavid Ahern
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix use-after-free when dumping free spaceFilipe Manana
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix use-after-free during inode evictionFilipe Manana
2018-11-13btrfs: move the dio_sem higher up the callchainJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: don't run delayed_iputs in commitJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: fix insert_reserved error handlingJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: only free reserved extent if we didn't insert itJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: don't use ctl->free_space for max_extent_sizeJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: set max_extent_size properlyJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: reset max_extent_size properlyJosef Bacik
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix deadlock when writing out free space cachesFilipe Manana
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix assertion on fsync of regular file when using no-holes featureFilipe Manana
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix null pointer dereference on compressed write path errorFilipe Manana
2018-11-13btrfs: qgroup: Dirty all qgroups before rescanQu Wenruo
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix wrong dentries after fsync of file that got its parent replacedFilipe Manana
2018-11-13Btrfs: fix warning when replaying log after fsync of a tmpfileFilipe Manana
2018-11-13btrfs: make sure we create all new block groupsJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: reset max_extent_size on clear in a bitmapJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: protect space cache inode alloc with GFP_NOFSJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: release metadata before running delayed refsJosef Bacik
2018-11-13Btrfs: don't clean dirty pages during buffered writesChris Mason
2018-11-13btrfs: wait on caching when putting the bg cacheJosef Bacik
2018-11-13btrfs: keep trim from interfering with transaction commitsJeff Mahoney
2018-11-13btrfs: don't attempt to trim devices that don't support itJeff Mahoney
2018-11-13btrfs: iterate all devices during trim, instead of fs_devices::alloc_listJeff Mahoney
2018-11-13btrfs: Ensure btrfs_trim_fs can trim the whole filesystemQu Wenruo
2018-11-13btrfs: Enhance btrfs_trim_fs function to handle error betterQu Wenruo
2018-11-13btrfs: fix error handling in btrfs_dev_replace_startJeff Mahoney
2018-11-13btrfs: fix error handling in free_log_treeJeff Mahoney
2018-11-13btrfs: locking: Add extra check in btrfs_init_new_buffer() to avoid deadlockQu Wenruo
2018-11-13btrfs: Handle owner mismatch gracefully when walking up treeQu Wenruo
2018-11-13btrfs: qgroup: Avoid calling qgroup functions if qgroup is not enabledQu Wenruo
2018-11-13tracing: Return -ENOENT if there is no target synthetic eventMasami Hiramatsu
2018-11-13selftests/powerpc: Fix ptrace tm failureBreno Leitao
2018-11-13selftests/ftrace: Fix synthetic event test to delete event correctlyMasami Hiramatsu
2018-11-13soc/tegra: pmc: Fix child-node lookupJohan Hovold
2018-11-13soc: qcom: rmtfs-mem: Validate that scm is availableBjorn Andersson
2018-11-13arm64: dts: stratix10: Correct System Manager register sizeThor Thayer
2018-11-13ARM: dts: socfpga: Fix SDRAM node address for Arria10Thor Thayer
2018-11-13Cramfs: fix abad comparison when wrap-arounds occurNicolas Pitre
2018-11-13rpmsg: smd: fix memory leak on channel createColin Ian King
2018-11-13arm64: lse: remove -fcall-used-x0 flagTri Vo
2018-11-13media: hdmi.h: rename ADOBE_RGB to OPRGB and ADOBE_YCC to OPYCCHans Verkuil
2018-11-13media: replace ADOBERGB by OPRGBHans Verkuil