This branch tracks the linux-next tree maintained by Stephen Rothwell. This tree is a merge of all changes that will land in the next kernel version. For more information about linux-next, see

Except for packaging or installation problems, please report all issues to the linux-kernel mailing list.

This branch is automatically updated by a cron job, please contact

Michal Suchánek <>

before commiting anything.


To install prebuilt kernel from this branch run

zypper ar -f \
zypper in --from Kernel:linux-next kernel-default

Please note: The packages are built for the distribution they are targetting. In case of the vanilla and linux-next branches, this is the latest released openSUSE version. While the packages should work fine on a distribution that is slightly newer or slightly older, installing ancient kernels on the latest distributions is asking for trouble. Same goes for the opposite case, e.g. installing the Factory kernel on SLES 11.


There are two SUSE Kernel repositories. Development happens in the kernel-source git repository. This tree is a quile-like series of patches against the upstream kernel, plus spec files and various scripts. You can clone it with

git clone -b linux-next


If you just want to hack on the sources and do not need to package the kernel, use the kernel git repository. This one has the same layout as the upstream kernel. Clone command:

git clone -b linux-next