Live patches for SLE12-SP5

This is the live patches repository.

The persons in charge of the repository are: Miroslav Benes <> Nicolai Stange <>

The repository contains live patches for security vulnerabilities, stability and data corruption bug fixes. It is the persons’ responsibility to maintain the repository and checking in the live patches to the build system.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching product page can be accessed at

There is a public git repository at

If there are any questions about the repository, please contact the above mentioned maintainers.

live patches

Sources of kernel live patch updates SLE12-SP5_Update_48 SLE12-SP5_Update_47 SLE12-SP5_Update_46 SLE12-SP5_Update_45 SLE12-SP5_Update_44 SLE12-SP5_Update_43 SLE12-SP5_Update_42 SLE12-SP5_Update_41 SLE12-SP5_Update_40 SLE12-SP5_Update_39 SLE12-SP5_Update_38 SLE12-SP5_Update_37 SLE12-SP5_Update_36 SLE12-SP5_Update_35 SLE12-SP5_Update_34 SLE12-SP5_Update_33 SLE12-SP5_Update_32 SLE12-SP5_Update_31 SLE12-SP5_Update_30 SLE12-SP5_Update_29 SLE12-SP5_Update_28 SLE12-SP5_Update_27 SLE12-SP5_Update_26 SLE12-SP5_Update_25 SLE12-SP5_Update_24 SLE12-SP5_Update_23 SLE12-SP5_Update_22 SLE12-SP5_Update_21 SLE12-SP5_Update_20 SLE12-SP5_Update_19 SLE12-SP5_Update_18 SLE12-SP5_Update_17 SLE12-SP5_Update_16 SLE12-SP5_Update_15 SLE12-SP5_Update_14 SLE12-SP5_Update_13 SLE12-SP5_Update_12 SLE12-SP5_Update_11 SLE12-SP5_Update_10 SLE12-SP5_Update_9 SLE12-SP5_Update_8 SLE12-SP5_Update_7 SLE12-SP5_Update_6 SLE12-SP5_Update_5 SLE12-SP5_Update_4 SLE12-SP5_Update_3 SLE12-SP5_Update_2 SLE12-SP5_Update_1 SLE12-SP5_Update_0